For yearly predictions, most Feng Shui Masters use Start-of-Spring time to construct a Bazi or Four Pillars Chart to prediction the incoming year’s events. However, different Feng Shui Masters use different methods. 

In our lineage, we are taught to use the JiaZi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches system. It is a cycle of sixty terms used for reckoning time.

For a comprehensive analysis of the yearly predictions, a Feng Shui Master should look at three different areas or levels. These are the Heaven Luck, the Earth Luck, and the Man luck separately. For the upcoming Lunar calendar of the Ox 2021 year, we will use the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch.  Each element has a specific purpose, for example: 

  1. The Heaven Luck predicts major issues of the world and weather. (Act of God)
  2. The Earth Luck is about managing the Feng Shui or yearly energy for homes, offices, cities and countries.
  3. The Man Luck Predicts individual animal sign luck for the coming year.

Yearly predictions can be useful information for someone to make excellent decisions in the year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021.

The year of the Yin Metal Ox officially starts on the 3rd February 2021. However, the Heaven energy surfaces from the winter solstice. This year, it is on the 21st of December 2020. (Normally falls on the 22nd Dec each year)

I wish you all have an excellent year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021.


Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters or Act of God. Many Feng Shui Masters use this element for guidance and to assist to prepare for the year ahead. For example, people can use the Heaven Luck predictions to increase their insurance premium in their affect areas.

To begin, you need to take the Elements of the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branches.

The Heavenly Stem for 2021 is Xin (辛). Xin is Yin Metal element.

The Earthly Branch is Chou (丑). Chou is Earth element with Water and Metal Elements below it. 

We also know the Chou as the Metal Storage.

The Chou is represented by the animal sign Ox. That is why it is called the Year of the OX. 

To be exact, the Stem and Branch in 2021 add up together to compose the year of Yin Metal Earth Ox.  Or simply, it is a Yin Metal element and Earth element year.

The classical Feng Shui way of arranging the Heavenly Stem (HS) & Earthly Branch (EB), is placing the HS on top of EB. 

辛 (Xin)  is Yin Metal

丑 (Chou) is Earth with Water and Metal elements below the Earth element.

The Melodic element for 2021 is Earth. (庚子辛丑璧上土). It is property, land and Earth related,

In Feng Shui, the annual Purple White Flying Star, the Number #6 star flies to the Centre. The number 6 is the Qian (乾) Gua. Centre of the palace is showing the most eye-catching issue.

6 is the Qian Gua. It is Metal element. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking, Father like person (elderly man), Power, Government….

Yin Metal Xin (辛) represents Yin Metal, soft Metal, small knife, jewelleries, small metal objects, bullets, needles, scissors, pad locks, law, Justices. 

In the human body, Xin (辛) represents the lung, nose, respiratory systems, hips, teeth and bone.

Chou丑 its element is Earth, with Water and Metal below it. The animal sign for Chou (丑) is Ox. It is wet Earth, mud, and water with soil, marsh, dam, and bridge over water, tomb, and goldmine.

Body parts are Belly, stomach and Spleen.  And the Ox is the Liver Meridian path in our body in Chinese Medicine.

Using the above information, we can begin to piece together a collage that represents the year of the Yin Metal Earth Ox.

Year of the Metal Ox

With the above image and combinations, we can see the pertinent issues in the year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021. Let’s go through each point one by one:

  1. In the year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021, the top level (Metal) and bottom level (Earth) are in a producing or enhancing cycle. There is a no conflict relationship between the top and bottom level. It looks like that the bottom level will support whatever the top level’s decisions. 
  2. 2021 the year of the Ox, it is an Earth element Year. Earth element represents Trust. It also means Honesty, Philosophical thoughts, Religion, Regulations and Systems. In 2021, there will be a lot of systems, rules, regulations changes or new policy in place, particularly within religious organizations, law, jurisdiction and financial institutes.  
  3. Chou or Ox is the storage. This year it is a Metal storage. Gold, silver or iron ore mines will be discovered. However, there are also accidents related to mines, such as collapsing, landslide, sudden water bursts in mines,
  4. The Chou or Ox is also seen as a bridge and dam. There will be more incidents about bridges and dams collapsing in the news for the year of 2021.
  5. Chou is Ox. We can also see it as beef. There may be issues (contaminations) related to beef, cows, cattle or bulls, which will potentially make people sick. Or these live stocks will have problems during transit or related to the abattoir.
  6. On the top, stem Xin which is Yin Metal.  Yin is dark, hiding, cannot be seen, conspiracy. There may be bullets, small knives, needles coming out from the dark side. It looks like an assassination may shock the world.
  7. Yin is small. Yin Metal Xin is small needles, small metal objects, scissors, pad locks, small metal tools. It is good for those who use small metal objects to make a living, such as acupuncturists, jewellery makers, locksmiths, dentists, surgeons, carvers. Acupuncturists will earn recognition. 
  8. Earth element enhances metal element. There will be more supply of metal elements, gold, silver, iron, copper…, hence price will be steady or lower in 2021.
  9. Chou or OX is Earth element and its hidden element is water and Metal. Water cannot support the Earth element. By adding the Melodic element, it shows an earth issue as well. Therefore, in 2021 we will see a powerful earthquake in Chou palace (South America) or Wei (Goat) Palace (South East Asia).
  10. Chou or Ox is Earth Element. Earth is trust, confident and faith. There are problems in these areas. Issues that relate to social media.
  11. Chou is the storage of Metal, Yin Metal element is dominating. The Yang Metal element returns to the storage. Yang Metal Geng (庚) that caused trouble in 2020 will completely return to the storage by August 2021. Majority of issues caused by Covid-19 will finally end.
  12. Snake, Rooster and Ox form a Metal formation or Metal Frame in 2021. Metal element controls Wood element. Wood element is tree, plants, forest, there will be more news about deforestation. 
  13. With the Snake, Rooster and Ox creating a Metal formation or Metal Frame in 2021. Metal element controls Wood element. Wood element direction is east and it is the Feng Shui 3 Killing Sha (Bad) Qi. Therefore Eastern Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea and South Korea may face some conflicts and disputes, even military actions. 
  14. Snake together with Rooster and Ox form a Metal formation or Metal Frame in 2021. Metal element controls Wood element. Wood element is the garment, education. In our body wood element is the liver, gall bladder, the neck and hair, must be careful of these areas. 
  15. Ox is the Liver Meridian line in acupuncture. There may be outbreak of hepatitis B. 
  16. Chou or Ox clashes with the Goat (Wei), Chou and Wei are both Earth elements, there will be conflicts in systems, in believes, in rules, in religious and in the financial sector. 
  17. In the year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021, the annual flying star number 6 comes to the centre palace (eye catching area). The number 6 represents the Father (elderly man), or powerful government leaders, or the head person. By combining number 6 flying star with the Heavenly Stem Yin Metal Xin, small metal object, bullet, knife, it gives a sign of bullet or knife in the head. (Assassination).
  18. The annual travelling star #6 trapped in the centre in the year of the Ox 2021. There is no chance to travel far away from home.


The 辛 (Xin) is Yin Metal element. Yin Metal Xin is enhanced by the Earth Ox or Bull. Metal becomes strong. Metal also represents the share market. It looks like a bull market trend in 2021. 

If you are in the Share market, please pay extra attention in these four months:

Be very careful in January, April, July and October in 2021. Due to the Solar and Lunar calculation difference, these are particularly cautious months. The specific periods to be aware are:

January means from early January to early February 2021.

April means from early April to early May 2021

July means early July to early August 2021.

October means early October to early January 2022

2020 AND 2021庚子辛丑壁上土 (WALL TOP EARTH)

The Melodic element is “Wall Top Earth” (壁上土) for 2020, 2021. The Melodic element stays the same for every two years. The 2021 year remains a “Wall Top Earth” element year.

From melodic element point of view, “Wall Top Earth” relates to properties and physical buildings and what it controls (Water element). It shows 2020, 2021 will have more incidents of collapse of buildings, landslide and the drop of property price. 

“Wall Top Earth” (壁上土), Earth element controls Water element of the year, There will be more accidents relates to the Water industry, logistics, shipping, airlines, pirates….. Such as industries still struggle in 2021 year of the Ox.  


The annual Feng Shui flying star #6 will be returned into the centre palace in the year of the Ox 2021. It is the Qian Gua and it is Metal element too. It represents metal, finance, insurance, banking, and hospitals….It also represent powerful person, mature men, governments, leaders, the heads and its Chinese name is 武曲 “Wu Qu”. The centre palace is the centre stage of the world. 

In 2021, we can see many matured age leaders of the world will demonstrate their military power. 


In short, in 2021 year of the Ox, the yearly elements, the melodic element, the annual flying stars Qi are very different. It is the characteristics of the Storage in Feng Shui. It is a mixed bag year.  In addition, with the setbacks of 2020, it will be hard to return to the same levels prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

What we can do is to prepare ourselves, set up and activate the good yearly Feng Shui Qi for the house we live and office we work in. There are another two articles, the Earth Luck and Man Luck predictions, to address the Feng Shui of a location and personal fortune.

Note:  The next two prediction articles for the Year of the Metal Ox will be published soon so please continue to visit my site so you don’t miss out.  These will be Earth Luck Feng Shui for the Home and Office AND the Animal Sign Predictions for Individuals.