Geng Facing, Water from Kun Produces Heros

Feng Shui case from Shixiong in China 師兄(Shīxiōng) is a Chinese term. It means male fellow students to the same teacher or master, particularly in martial art, Chinese astrology or Feng Shui learning class. We call each 師兄 (Shīxiōng).

One of my 師兄(Shīxiōng), he is very kind to wrote me an article of his own experience of applying the same Feng shui techniques we learnt. This is a Yin Feng Shui case, Aka burial place feng shui case.

His kind intension is to enrich my website using the feng shui case study. This is a Yin Feng shui case for Ancestor’s burial place, which we don’t often have here in Australia.

The attached article is in Chinese. In his article, some words are difficult to translate. I cannot translate word to word. I translate his meaning only. If you can read Chinese, you can enlarge the photo to read.

The topic is:  Geng Facing and Water from Kun produces Heroes

His article starts:

Being able to bond with師兄 (Shīxiōng) may be a foregone conclusion in a previous life, obviously destined.

In the same period, we attended the same advanced Feng Shui class and the close-door disciple class gathered at the Master Yu in Foshan, Guangdong-Ziweixing Fengshui Research Center to study together and make progress together. In free time, we chat and talk in WeChat. It is thousands miles away but we are all happy.

I work for a power plant. And only on holidays, I go to audit feng shui and test the feng shui techniques and principals we learnt. I do not have many cases. I only help my relatives. I have this case to share with you.

On the afternoon of April 2, 2020 in the Western calendar, I drove to my cousin’s home in Wushidang Village, Boyang Town. He led me to visit his father (my uncle) tomb. My uncle passed away more than two years ago.

The tomb has not yet got a water exit mouth. According to local custom, at the spring time in the second year (the fifth Wu day after the beginning of the spring), choose an auspicious day to erect the grave stone and create a water exit mouth.

When I reached to the grave, I took out the compass and measure the direction. The tomb sits on the Geng direction. I looked left, looked right, looked up, and walked down. I decided to put the water exit mouth at Kun direction.

The next day, workers were asked to work the tomb and create the water exit mouth according to the designated place.

In a flash for more than two months, my aunt said to me secretly: Your cousin (the other cousin’s sister) is two months pregnant already. I congratulations to cousin!

In the Feng Shui system of Yang Gong San Yuen Yuen Gua, the Water exit mouth represents life and death, Water exit mouth is to determine the overall situation, follows by the conditions.

Geng Facing Water from Kun produces Heroes, this is the saving the poor feng shui technique and is also a method to speed up fertility.

Yin Feng Shui case study

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