Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018 Prediction – Heaven Luck

Yearly prediction should use the Jia zi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches, is a cycle of sixty terms used for reckoning time.

Perditions should look at three different levels (Heaven, Earth and Man) using the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly branch of the year.

1. The Heaven Luck (predicts major issues of the world and weather).
2. The Earth Luck (Feng Shui for homes, offices, cities and countries.)
3. The Man Luck l(Predicts individual animal sign luck in the coming year)

I have been writing an article for each of the above topics since 2009.

Hopefully, it can be useful information for you to make reference to for the year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018. The year of the Yang Earth Dog officially starts on the 4th February 2018.

I wish you all have an excellent year in the year of the Yang Earth Dog and beyond.

HEAVEN LUCK in The YEAR OF THE Yang Earth Dog 2018

Heaven Luck is to predict major world events, weather and natural disasters. So people can prepare for it. For example, people can increase their insurance premium in the areas where may affect them.

Let’s look at the characteristics of the Heavenly Stem (HS) and Earthly Branches (EB) in 2018 – The Year of the Yang Earth Dog.

The Heavenly Stem for 2018 is Yang Earth (戊 Mu).
The Earthly Branch is (戌Xū). Its main element is Earth and it is represented by the animal sign of Dog.

The Earthly Branch Xū (戌) has hidden elements of Yin Metal (辛) and Yin Fire (丁).

The traditional way of arranging the HS & EB is from the top down. (Yang Earth sits on Earth or Yang Earth sits on the Dog.

That is why it is called the Year of the “Yang Earth Dog”.

戊:  is Yang Earth
戌:  is Earth with hidden elements Yin Metal and Yin Fire.

The Melodic element is Wood. (Flat Land Wood 平地木)

In Feng Shui, the annual Purple White Flying Star, the Number 9 flies to the centre. It is the Li  Gua.

Li Gua  is Fire. It represents fire and romance.

Yang Earth Wu 戊 represents Earth, High land, Mountain, High Ground. In human body it represents the Stomach, Spleen, Muscles, and Cells. Its colour is Earthy, Brownish, and Soil colour.

戌 Xu  is Earth. The animal sign is Dog. It represents the Stomach, Spleen, Muscles, and Cells. It has metal in it. It is also a Fire Storage. Or fire inside the earth, fire underground.

Here are the images showing the year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018.

Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018 Wu Xu Heaven Luck

With the above information and combinations, we can see these issues in the year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018.

  1. In the year of the Yang Earth Dog, the top level and bottom level are made of the same element. There is no conflict relationship between them. They are in same pace.
  1. 2018 the year of the Yang Earth Dog, it is a strong Earth Year. Earth element is Trust. It also means Honesty, Thoughts, Religion and Systems. In 2018, there will be a lot of systems changes or new policy in place, particularly within or between religious organizations.
  1. The Melodic element is Wood. (Flat Land Wood 平地木), Wood controls Earth. As the result, the Earth will break and lead to strong earthquake, land slide, collapse of high land or buildings.
  1. Wood controls Earth. There will be new policies or laws for land and properties. This may bring the price down a little bit in the year of the Yang Earth Dog. The number 9 annual star can balance it. The property price will be down then up.
  1. Earth in the five elements system represents the Stomach, Spleen, Muscles and Cells, there may be an outbreak of food poisoning and the number of skin cancer will increase. It is good to be Sun smart in the 2018.
  1. There is will be more Dog attacks human incidents or vice versa.
  1. There will be health issues caused by Dog, Cow, Goat or Lamb.
  1. Companies or businesses in their names have the word “Dragon” or Dragon logos may experience a lot of impact in the year of the Dog.
  1. Dragon and Snake both are skinny and long creatures. The most alike vehicle to them is the train.  So we will see more accidents related to train or rail problem.
  1. By adding the flying star to the stem and branch, the #9 star can bring out the fire inside the Dog. So, fire and electricity issue, power, thunder storms.
  1. The west northwest sector is Europe area, 2018 the year of the Dog is not a very stable year for Europe again. April and October 2018 are the most unstable months. Beware if you have business in Europe. Avoid these two months travel to Europe. Particularly if you are born in the year of Dragon.
  1. The north sector of the world is Russia. We can see a lot of troubles coming.
  1. In Russia an Important Politian may have illness related to water system, kidney or prostate gland issue.
  1. Water problem, conflicts, argument, lawsuit for the countries at the north end of the Earth.
  1. Underground mining fire accidents or disasters.

Earth Element enhances Metal Element

Generally, Earth element produces metal element. It is a sign of positive outlook for stock market in 2018.

However, be very careful in these months April, July, October 2018 and January 2019 if you are speculating on the share market. Because with too much earth element can bring negative effect in those months plus the #9 is waiting to burn the metal.

April means early April to early May 2018.

July means early July to early August 2018.

October means early October to Early November 2018 and

January means early January 2019 to Early February 2018.


2018 AND 2019平地木 (Flat Land Wood)

The Melodic element is Wood. (Flat Land Wood 平地木) for 2018, 2019.

“戊戌己亥平地木” The Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch combination produces a melodic element. It is called the “Flat Land Wood”.

From melodic element point of view, it shows 2018, 2019 will have more fire, cyclone and earthquake, volcano eruption, and landslide incidents damage trees or forests.



The annual Feng Shui flying star number 9 will be located in the centre palace. The number 9 is Fire element (Li Gua).

Flying star #9 in the centre symbolizes fire, power or electricity, romance, happiness, performance art, eye issues.

Fire controls metal. Some financial organizations may experience bad impact.

On the hand, we are now in the Feng Shui cycle period 8. So the period star 8 (Earth element) is in the centre from 2004-2024.

The annual star number 9 (Fire Element) flies to the centre in 2018 will enhance the earth element. So property price may have strong impact in the year of the Dog. The impact area is still at the centre of a city.


The year of the Yang Earth Dog only has 2 dragons producing water. Dragon is the Water storage. Each year the more the dragons produce water, the more rainfall it produces.

Year of the Dog has only 2 dragons out of 12 dragons producing water.

We see less rainfall in the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

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