Year of the Horse 2014 Earth Luck – Feng Shui Luck — by Edgar Lok Tin Yung Dec 2012

Yearly Earth Luck is the Feng Shui luck of our house and office. It is to deal with the good and bad yearly Feng Shui luck, energy or Qi in where we live, work and play. We need to activate the good energy / Qi and balance the bad energy /Qi if there is any.

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Each year, there are three big Sha (煞氣 Bad Energy) and two to three lucky stars flying around depending on the facing and sitting of your house.

These three Sha are called the Grand duke or the Tai Sui(太歲), The Three-killings (三煞) and The Five Yellow (五黃).

These three Sha have the power to override any natal flying stars chart combination regardless how good the flying star chart is.

The three positive energy or lucky stars are number 6, 8 and 9. Here are the directions and positions of the good and bad energy in the year of the Horse around your house or office.

Feng Shui Luck Energy Distribution for year of the Horse 2014

Year of the Horse - Feng Shui Luck

1. The Tai Sui (Grand Duke) in the year of the Horse, It is located at the South sector. (172.50 – 187.50 degree)
2. San Sha (the three-killings) arrives at the North (372.50 – 22.50 degree).
3. The Five Yellow. It is landed at the Northwest sector.
4. The power and promotion star number 6 is at West.
5. The money and prosperity star number 8 is at South. (Overlap with the Tai Sui)
6. The Flower of Romance star number 9 is at North.(Overlap with the 3-Killings)

A Feng Shui saying stated that: “Avoid big Sha. Cure medium Sha. Neglect tiny Sha.” (大煞宜避, 中煞可制, 小煞不理)

The number one rule to deal with the Sha energy is NOT to disturb it. So “Move Earth”, digging ground or renovating the above mentioned areas or sectors inside or outside the house is prohibited.

The South sector Wu (172.5 – 187.5 午字位) has the Tai Sui Sha.

The Tai Sui is also known as The Grand Duke. It is the yearly King. The Tai Sui locates at the South sector in the year of the Horse. The Wu is the Li Gwa (離卦) and it is Fire element.

Fire Element is related to the Fire system in our body. Eyes, heart, blood, small intestine, tongue so the health issues related to the Fire element could be eyes, heart, blood, small intestine, tongue issues. It is also the middle daughter’s position or ladies age 20 – 40 years old.

If the main door of your house is facing south, middle daughter should pay more attention to the fire system of her body.
The best way to minimize bad luck and sickness energy is not to stir up the yearly bad energy sector. Yearly bad energy is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine if the tiger has not been disturbed. However, if the tiger is wakening up, it will hurt you.

“Move Earth” such as digging, renovation, will wake the tiger (Bad Energy) up, so DO NOT dig, nailing, chisel and renovate the Tai Sui sector including the floor, ground, garden, and the walls inside and outside.
If your house facing South and the main door is located at the Tai Sui sector south, be sure closing the door slowly and gently when coming in or going out, as loud noise, sound waves vibration, can trigger the bad energy.

To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui, place a ceramic Sheep or Goat at side of the main door.

The Three-Killings comes to the North sector (Kan Gwa 坎卦337.5 – 22.5)

In the year of the Horse 2014, the North sector of your house or office got the Three-killings in it. It covers a very big area. Three-killings represent lawsuits, gossips, arguments. It is the middle son’s area (age 20-40).

The North sector is Water element. In health, it is related to the water systems of our body including, kidneys, urethra, prostate gland for male, bladders and other water system in our body. June, October and December are the worst months for this sector.

At your house in the North area, the Make sure the north sector is clean and tidy. Keep this area as quiet as possible. If the Three-killings bad energy is disturbed, there would be 3 unfortunate incidents such as health issues, career problems, traffic accidents or lawsuits happen to the household, especially the middle son.

In the global Feng Shui Luck, the Three-Killings sector, the North sector, is the North area of the North hemisphere. Secondly, it is the North area of a capital city or north area of your house or office.
North sector of the North hemisphere is Northern China, Japan and Russia. There will be a lot of issues, such as explosions, gun fires, volcanoes eruption or disasters happening there in the year of the Horse.

To minimize the bad effects of the Three-killing for your house or office, place a ceramic ox in the north sector. Move the fish tank or any moving object away from the area if there is any.

You cannot change the main door position but you can move yourself away from the bad energy areas.

The Five Yellow is at the Northwest area (Qian Gwa 292.50-337.50)

The Five Yellow is a bad Feng Shui annual star. It represents misfortune and obstacles. In the year of the Horse 2014, it flies to the Northwest sector of the house. This will be affecting the father of a household if he sleeps there or the main entrance located there. Particularly, the father of the house is a bit fat and bald (Bald and fat is the Qian Gwa) will be affected badly.

The Five-yellow star is earth element. It brings issue related to the metal area of our body, such as respiratory system (lung, nose, skin) and large intestine.
Place some water in the area using a round black pot or vase.

The Romance star 9, Money star 8 and Power star 6

The annual star number 8 which means wealth and prosperity is located in the South sector in the year of the Horse 2014. It overlaps with the Tai Sui sector.
As mentioned above, it is related to finance. There are a few ways you can activate the money star except “move earth”.
You can move to and sleep at this area if there is a room. If there is a doorway, use it more often for coming in or going out. Place a ceramic sheep or goat in the area.

The promotion annual star number 6 comes to west. Annual flying star number 6 is metal element and it represents power and promotion. To activate this area you need to place 6 x 20 cents coins with the heads face upward in this sector. Make sure you wash the coins first.

The romance annual star number 9 brings romance and happiness is located at the north sector. It overlaps with the Three-killing Sha. Middle son or male person at ages 20 – 40 need to pay attention to their relationship. Otherwise, complicated relationship brings lawsuit.

All the best and have a prosperity Feng Shui Lucky year of the Horse 2014!


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