In Feng Shui, the main entrance and its surroundings link together. The open area in front of the main entrance is called “Ming Tong”. In English it is called “Bright Hall”. The bigger the Bright Hall, the better Qi / Chi will stay provided that there are protection around. To learn more about the surroundings go to Forms Feng Shui School. have a good read and come back.

The Feng Shui main entrance of the house should be inviting to the prospective buyer of the house. If you feel threatened as you reach the main door / main entrance, chances are, this is not the right house for you.

Look for house with large flat land in front.

land in front

Avoid looking over to a wide open ocean from the main door or



This is good Feng Shui location. Mountains block the qi / chi flows away.

good Feng Shui

The steps lead to the main door should not be to close.


Avoid windy places.


Avoid houses near power station, power lines.