The following page are my Feng Shui Tips for choosing new a home or house. These Feng Shui Tips also can be applied to choose a new office too.

These Feng Shui Tips will be focus on how to choose a good Feng Shui home / house to live or office for your business. These Feng Shui tips can be for your everyday use.  By applying these tips you can avoid buying a bad Feng Shui House / home or business office.

Tips 1 to 25 are all for you to read before you purchase your house or office. It is impossible to have all these conditions fulfilled. However the more of these Feng Shui tips you can fulfill, the better Feng Shui of your house you will get.

Before you go on to read other Feng Shui tips, Please read this one first. This Feng Shui Tips 1 is ultra important.

In any compass formula Feng Shui School this Feng Shui rule is SUPER important.

Feng Shui Tips 1: Avoid houses, buildings facing these degrees. In Feng Shui these facing degrees are called the voidlines. Very inauspicious. 

22.5°, 67.5°, 112.5°, 157.5°, 202.5°, 247.5°, 292.5°, 337.5°

Bad Feng Shui Sittings and Facings Void lines

Avoid buying a bad Feng Shui home

Buying a home is big investment for most of us. This investment is not only money, but also an investment in the wealth and health of your family and relationships.

Before you buy, you need to inspect the place according to Feng Shui principals.

Here I give you the most important Feng Shui tips on how to avoid bad Feng Shui house from the forms’ prospective. I hope these Feng Shui Tips 1 to 25 will be useful to you.

The forms are the surroundings of a house or building. The forms play a very important part In Feng Shui. Without good forms, three is no good Feng Shui at all. In my view, forms are much more important than formula.If you can find good forms surrendering the house you are going to buy, you have 60% good Feng Shui already.

There are six major equally important Feng Shui parts you need to pay attention to when look for a house.

The road leads to the house.

The shape and slope of the land.

The house shape.

The main entrance.

The inside.

The neighbourhood.