San He Feng Shui School.

San He means triple harmony in Chinese.

There are lots of misunderstandings about the San He Feng Shui School.  The San He Feng Shui School has a very long history and background. It can be traced back to Tang (618-907).

The 12 Earthly Branches form 4 triple harmony combines or groups.

They are:

  1. The fire combine (Tiger, Horse, Dog);
  2. The water combine (Monkey, Rat, Dragon);
  3. The wood combine (Pig, Rabbit, Goat) and
  4. The metal combine (Snake, Rooster, Ox).

Well, the Earthly Branches Triple Harmony combines have some relation to the San He Feng Shui School. The 4 Earthly Branches combines are for calculating the auspicious and the inauspicious areas of incoming or exiting water.

However the actual meaning of the San He Feng Shui School is:

the Mountain Dragon (1), the Facing (2) and the Water Dragon(3), these three most important elements must be in harmony. That is the original meanings.

In Tian Yu Jin, it says:

“The Mountain Dragon must harmonize with the Facing and the Facing must harmonize with the water. Water harmonizes with the three auspicious areas.”

San He Feng Shui School, Dragon, Water and Facing
San He Feng Shui School, Dragon, Water and Facing Must in Harmony


This is the real meaning of San He Feng Shui School. How to harmony the mountain dragon, the facing and the incoming and out going water are the technique in this school of Feng shui. The theories behide this system are the branches combinations, the Water mouth locations, the early, later heaven bagua and Hetu configurations.

Nowadays, most Feng Shui Masters study only the Flying Stars Feng Shui School. Only a small number of people still study the Triple Harmony Feng Shui or San He Feng Shui School.

I personally audited a number of Yin Feng Shui burial sites. All those sites have long history and they were all in line with the San He (Triple Harmony) Feng Shui School’s theory.