Four Pillars Feng Shui School is the same as Bazi Feng Shui School.

Four Pillars is the English translation of Bazi(八字).

The Four Pillars Feng Shui School method is different from using the Ming Gua. This System use a person’s birth data, year of birth, month of birth, day of birth and time of birth.

The Four Pillars Feng Shui School or Bazi Feng Shui School is using the Four Pillars of a person and the house’s facing and the internal sectors of their house. By working out the favorable and unfavorable elements for the person, then the favorable element sectors are to be activated using Feng Shui rules. The unfavorable element sectors, on the other hand, it is to be cured.

For example, if a person uses Fire as one of his favorable elments, then he should choose a South faceing house to live or when he sleeps with his head should point to the South direction. By doing so, he is catching the favorable fire Qi or energy for his Natal Chart.

This Four Pillar Feng Shui method is very sophisticated. You need to know Four Pillars of Chinese Astrology or Bazi and Feng Shui at the same time.

A simple Four Pillars Chart as below:

Four Pillars Feng Shui School chart





Formulas use in Four Pillars Feng Shui School

As matter of the fact, there are a few formulas in Feng Shui are borrowed from the Bazi system into Feng Shui system.

  1. Romance palace activation
  2. Academic palace activation
  3. Personal sector of a house (Stem and Branch)
  4. and so on.

Feng Shui is for us (human beings), if a house has no one lives in it, no matter how good or how bad the feng shui is, it is not going to affect any person.

As Feng Shui audit needs to activate good energy for us. So parts of the Four Pillars or Bazi need to be incorporated into our house. The most important pillar is the year pillar.

By incorporating the birth year stems or birth year branches of all the occupants of a family into feng shui audit, It brings better results.


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