Another Feng Shui school is called Flying Stars Feng Shui School which is also known as Xuan Kong or Three Periods Nine Ages Feng Shui School.

The first period is for Ages 1,2,3. The second period is for Ages 4,5,6. The third period is for Ages 7,8,9. Each age controls 20 years of luck.

We are now at the Feng Shui Age 8 or period 8. The time for this period is from the year 2004 to 2023. There is another way of using this principal to Feng Shui a big City by locating monuntain dragon and water dragon of a city.

You can read Feng Shui Melbourne to find out more about this technique. This article explains why Melbourne has very good Feng Shui configuration since 2004. 2004 is the starting of the Feng Shui Period 8.

flying stars Feng Shui School flying stars chart
A sample of Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart 


Flying Stars Feng Shui School, it is for a building or a house. First we need to find out the year of your house was built. This is very important. An accurate compass degree reading of the facing of your house is vital too. The most difficult area for the Flying Stars Feng Shui School to practise well is to find out the CORRECT facing direction of the house. A floorplan drawn to scale also plays important part. Find the centre of the house and divide it into eight compass directions.

By using the compass degree reading and the building completion date of your house, Flying Stars Feng Shui School Consultants able to draw up a Flying Stars chart for the house. This is a Flying Stars Feng Shui chart for a house facing North and built during age 7.

From the Flying Stars chart, combines with the Forms Feng Shui School, look at the forms outside of your house and the forms inside your house. A Flying Stars Feng Shui consultants can tell many things about the house and its occupants.

This Feng Shui school is used by a lot of Feng Shui consultants. Yet this is Feng Shui system has it weakness too.