How to choose Feng Shui consultant Choose Feng Shui consultant and Feng shui Master?

It is a Feng Shui million dollars question I am going to share some of my opinions with you.

Feng Shui is a product of China. Nowadays it is the same as everything else from China. Some products are very good. Some products are good and some products are awful. In the same manner, it applies to the Feng Shui industry too; Some Feng Shui consultants are very good. Some Feng Shui consultants are good and some Feng shui consultants are awful.

In my previous article, I have mentioned an interesting Feng Shui phenomenon here in Melbourne, in Australia and even all over the western counties. You can read more Feng Shui Consultant in Melbourne Australia.

You may ask there are so many Feng Shui consultants out there and who is better and how to choose feng shui consultant?

Here are a few things on how to choose Feng Shui consultant or Feng Shui master right for your project. Your project may be applying Feng shui to build new house, applying Feng Shui for your renovations, applying Feng Shui to attract a life partner, applying feng shui to harmony your relationship or even applying Feng shui to sell or buy properties.

Here are a few points you need to know how to choose feng shui consultant:

1. Word of mouths:

You can ask round your friends or colleagues if they have hired a Feng Shui consultant before. Would your friends or colleagues recommend that Feng Shui consultant to you?

2. Read the testimonials from their clients

  Find out what the clients say about that Feng Shui consultant.

3. Look at what clients this Feng Shui consultant has.

4. What results they have achieved for their clients?

5. You can call a feng shui consultant to have a chat.

Talk to the consultant you feel comfortable with and use your own intuition or your first feeling while you are talking to the Feng Shui consultant. Most of the times, you can feel if he/she is the right feng shui consultant for you.

6. You can also ask what Feng Shui school he/she is practicing.

7. Go to International Feng Shui Association or Association of Feng Shui Consultants to find out more professionals there.