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Why Use SYYG Feng Shui?

Why should you use the San Yuen Yuen Gua (SYYG) Feng Shui system to audit your home, office, and business?

Why is the SYYG system different from the other well-known Feng Shui systems (such as the Eight Mansion Feng Shui, Flying Stars Feng Shui, and SanHe Feng Shui)?

Other systems will inspect between 8 – 12 Gua areas of a house/business.  Whereas the SYYG system of Feng Shui inspects 24 mountain sectors or 24 areas of a home.  It is these additional areas that provide for a more detailed and accurate Feng Shui assessment.  The SYYG system also provides for other benefits, such as ‘when’ Feng Shui elements will take effect.

For a SYYG Feng Shui consultation, please feel free to use this directory to reach out and speak with each Feng Shui consultant to identify which individual is best suited to your requirements.


The following Feng Shui name lists are professional Feng Shui consultants mainly in the East Coast, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland of Australia who have studied the genuine SYYG Feng Shui System from my workshops.  I have a student located in Singapore too, however he is too shy to be listed here.

I can personally recommend the listed professional Feng Shui consultants.  They are equipped with the genuine and foundational SYYG Feng Shui skills and techniques to help their clients.

I have grouped each set of students according to their location/state to enable you to find the best-suited Feng Shui consultant to assist your local needs.


Lisa O’Brien
0412 648 168

Lisa is in the process of establishing her Feng Shui website.

In the meantime she is contactable for a Feng Shui consultation on the above number.

Alisa Tran
0415 619 899

You can find Alisa’s Feng Shui practice on Facebook.

Simply search RisingStarPhoenixFengShui in the Facebook search bar to contact her for a consultation or click on the button below.

Visit Alisa

Lizette Akouri
0400 664 778

Lizette’s focus is to improve the lives of her clients and wellbeing.  She assists them to find solutions to health and wealth issues.

Lizette also provides Chinese Astrology readings to complement her Feng Shui skills.

You can find Lizette at creativefengshui.com.au.

Visit Lizette

Carolyn McCallum
0430 162 537

Carolyn is an Internationally Acrredited Feng Shui Master with over 15 years experience.   She operates a consultancy in Sydney, but helps clients worldwide.  Sheloves leaving a positive legacy with her clients and changing people’s lives for the better.

You can find Carolyn at


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Grace Niu
0400 307 589

Grace works with people around the world to help them connect with the infinite source of the Heaven and Earth energy flow.  She uses Feng Shui principles, Destiny Profiling and Intuitive Coaching to assist her clients.

You can find Grace at


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Jacqueline Dalton
0423 693 984

Jacqui passionately operates her business ‘Something About Joy’ which uses Traditional Feng Shui and Life Coaching concepts to enhance her client’s well-being.

Jacqui also runs ‘Heart and Harp’ workshops which help you to focus on your self and reconnect with your innerself and loved ones.

You can find Jacqui on Facebook


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Fran Glesson
0437 072 027

Fran is an accredited Feng Shui consultant who has a zest for the beauty and magic of life.  She has helped a countless number of clients over the past 17 years unleash natural flows of nourishing energy into their homes and businesses.

You can find Fran at


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Candra Yap
0468 783 655

Candra begun his affinity with Chinese culture and history in 2009.  Candra is fascinated with the fields of Chinese metaphysics and has a deep appreciation and respect for Chinese history. This unique perspectives aid in his abilities to relate to the challenges that are faced by is clients.

You can find Candra at


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Susie Bunn
0438 280 558

Susie provides a bespoke service for her client’s Feng Shui needs.  Susie works with her clients to determine the most appropriate way to address their concerns.

Her focus is one of support and ultimately achieving a harmonious outcome.

You can find Susie at


Visit Susie


Jan Leese
0405 188 064

Jan is an Accredited Feng Shui Master awarded by the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore.

Jan is located in Townsville, North Queensland, however travels to where her clients need her.

You can find Jan at


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Leonie Keith
0408 434 914

Leonie is in the process of establishing her Feng Shui website.

In the meantime she is contactable for a Feng Shui consultation on the above number.