How to Determine Which Direction Your House Faces (Including Instructions)

Modern-day Feng Shui practitioners may have you believe that determining the direction your house faces is as easy as downloading a compass app on your smartphone. Unfortunately, there are specific problems that you may encounter when relying on such techniques that will translate into inaccurate readings. Below, I will detail the proper way to determine the house-facing direction and factors you should consider. 

Importance of Home Direction to Feng Shui

Before we get into the mechanics of how to check the direction your house faces, let’s consider why it is essential to accurately determine the direction of your home (to the degree).  

The significance of house-facing direction cannot be overstated for Feng Shui.

The direction that your home faces play a consequential role in creating positive Qi. This is because the flow of energy in your home depends on its orientation.

A correct orientation allows for an even distribution of energy throughout the house. It is like laying a concrete foundation for your home. Once you establish a strong foundation, everything is easier to manage during the house build. 

An inadequate orientation can cause energy blockages and imbalances. Incorrectly determining the house-facing direction can lead to inappropriate readings, impacting decisions about particular in-house activities, such as sleeping or studying, and which directions should be avoided.

By understanding the importance of feng shui home direction, you can create a more balanced environment that supports all aspects of your life!

Feng Shui Tip

Don’t make the common error and mistakenly assuming house facing direction is the same as your front door direction! In the next section, we’ll explore the instances when your house-facing direction and front door direction are not aligned!

Facing Direction is NOT Your Front Door Direction

It is important to be aware that your house facing direction is not necessarily the same as the front door direction when it comes to feng shui.

For example, your front door may read as facing West. While according to Feng Shui, your true house facing direction may be to the North or South.

Therefore it is important to understand the subtle differences to avoid making costly mistakes and negative energies.

Let’s turn our attention to the methods for correctly diagnosing your true-facing house direction. 

How to Check Which Way Your House Faces

Below are my tips for how to check the house facing direction in Feng Shui. 

What Equipment Should I Use?

Luo Pan for House Direction

Unfortunately, there is some misguided information circulating that states you can simply download a compass application to your smartphone and use it for a direction reading. 

I do not recommend using such tools. While they can provide a general direction (North, South, East, and West), they can often be off by up to 15 degrees, depending on the city you are living in.

I prefer to use my Luo Pan to determine the direction and measurements. I do not leave the house without it! 

However, not everyone has a Luo Pan on hand. Therefore, I recommend using a traditional compass that relies on the earth’s magnetic field. Just keep in mind to stand well away from any instruments or objects that may contain their own magnetic force (including metal jewelry and electronic devices). 

How to find the House Facing Direction of a House? 

Front Door of House

To determine the facing direction of your house, you need to determine the YANG SIDE of the house.

I can hear you asking, ‘What exactly does the yang side mean?’

To identify the yang side of your house, look for the side that experiences the most activity.

Usually, this involves the side where the road is located. By virtue of the way we live, it will be this side where we enter and exit our home via the driveway. And it is usually the area of our home that we keep neat and presentable. 

Other factors that help to determine which way your house faces can include:

  • Where the house experiences the majority of the day’s sunlight.  
  • Where you may generally greet visitors to your home. 
  • Location of the backyard. This can help determine where the back of the house is, and therefore the opposite side is generally the front facing direction. 

I have to admit; it used to be easier to determine the house facing direction.

However, with new houses being built on sub-divided plots and more apartments being built for higher-density accommodation in the inner suburbs of major cities, it is becoming more challenging to identify the true house facing direction. 

This brings us to the next section, how to determine the facing direction for an apartment. 

How to find the House Facing Direction of an Apartment?

Determining the way an apartment face is quite tricky. 

How do you define the most active part of an apartment?

I use the front door as my base for measuring direction. I do this because this is where you greet your guests and where you enter and exit your home. However, if there is strong Yang Qi or energy coming from an open balcony, then the direction is treated differently.

Some practitioners argue that you should use the entrance of the entire apartment building. However, I don’t believe this is the correct interpretation, as I am usually only assessing the energy flow for the apartment. Not the entire apartment building.  

There is a lot of debate about how the rules should be applied. I recommend applying some common sense to your methodology and trying to look at the bigger picture of what you are trying to analyze. 

Front Door of Apartment

How to Take the Measurement from Your Compass

Once you have identified the true-facing direction of your home, stand facing outward toward the direction. 

For example, if you have determined your front door to be the correct position, stand a few steps away from the front door, and find a perpendicular line to the from the door.

Stand still, hold the compass close to your chest, and look down to read the direction. I find holding the compass or luo pan close to me helps to obtain the most accurate reading. 

Look at the compass and note down the direction reading. This will be the base of your other Feng Shui calculations throughout the house. 

Final Thoughts on How to Check House Facing Directions for Feng Shui

Determining the true facing direction of a house lays the foundation for defining other readings for Feng Shui. Therefore obtaining an accurate reading is paramount. 

I recommend taking your time to consider all the factors that help to identify which way your house faces. Relying on hasty methods can eventuate in incorrect measurements and, therefore inaccurate decisions being made. 

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