Feng Shui Master offer Free Feng Shui ConsultationFree Feng Shui Consultation, Free Chinese Astrology consultation in Melbourne, Victoria!

Yes that is right. I offer Free Feng Shui consultation and Free Chinese Astrology consultation to you. Please read on!

If you are truthfully and genuinely in trouble such as finance, career and illness matters, I will help you with your Home Feng Shui consultation for free. Free of charge to you, I will not charge you a cent, but you need to be honest and willing to make changes on I suggest.

This offer is only available to those who live in Melbourne area. And it does not involve with any gambling matter.

Please note, due to time constraint, at this stage, I can only offer ONE free Feng Shui consultation and ONE free Chinese Astrology reading per month.

Free Feng Shui consultation and Free Chinese Astrology reading

By applying tradition Feng Shui in your home correctly, it can activate the positive energy and bring in some good luck for you to make things go more smoothly and improve your situation. With good Feng Shui, you can increase opportunities to meet the right people who can help you.

Chinese Astrology Bazi also known as Four Pillars of Destiny. It uses a person’s birthday and birth time to construct a Four Pillars chart, Luck Pillars and Yearly Pillars. By combining these data together, I can read from your chart where you are at and which direction you should go.

What I need from you for Free Feng Shui Consultation, please read the followings:

1. Your date of birth, including birth time and the city you were born. Of course I need your gender as well.
2. A scale floor plan of your home.
3. Address of your home. So I can use google map. If you are nearby, I don’t mind come to do an onsite audit.
4. Tell me the setbacks you are facing now.