Feng Shui yin Yang feng shui forms and compass LiQi around the property must be inspected in every feng shui audit.

Feng Shui Forms and Liqi, they work together. They are named the Yin and Yang. and the Yin and Yang are opposing but complementary.

Yin and Yang can be further subdivided into yin and Yang – So, within Yin there is Yang and within Yang there is Yin.
Feng Shui forms are objects which is Yin that can be seen and touched at the surrounding of the property. Liqi is the energy or Qi which is Yang and that cannot be seen or touched. But the Qi or Yang energy can be calculated using formula based on the facing direction of the property.

Let me show you an example, one of our arms its outlook is an object that can be seen and it is Yin. The Yang part of our arms is the strength or power which cannot be seen. We can measure how heavy that our arm can lift up a dumbbell. Let’s say, If our arms lost their Yang (strength), then the arms cannot lift up any object, not even can left up itself.

Yin and Yang are interdependent, Not just in Feng Shui

Some feng shui schools focus only forms and other place great emphasis on the compass Liqi.

In traditional Feng Shui inspects both Forms and LiQi works side by side.

Yesterday, I Feng shui-ed a property in Armadale near Toorak, Melbourne. The property has very good Feng shui form. The four celestial animals, the Green Dragon, the White Tiger, the Phoenix or Red Bird and the Black Tortoise are orderly presented. You can read more about the Feng Shui Forms here.

Look at the photo below, the green dragon; white tiger and the phoenix are very clearly marke

Feng Shui Yin Yang Form orderly at the surrounding of the hosue
Very good feng shui form with Yin Yang Balanced

At the back of the house is very well protected too. The back of the house in feng shui is called the Black Tortoise.
This house has very good feng shui form settings and some good Feng shui Liqi configurations too. There are only a few minor areas Liqi issues need improvement.
One of the incorrectly Liqi area is affecting the owner’s hips and large intestine and my findings were confirmed accurate.
I suggested ways to mitigate the incorrect Liqi and ways to further enhanced the strength of the positive Liqi.
The owner was very happy with my feng shui knowledge and skills.

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