Feng Shui warehouse case study, In 2003, a friend of mine wanted to buy a warehouse with good Feng Shui. He asked me to help him feng shui audit a few places before he made his final decision.

After auditing a few places, I chose this one for the following reasons:

feng shui warehouse case studyThe left hand side (in Feng Shui Term: the Green dragon) offers more support.
The height of the building opposite the front of the warehouse is lower.
The warehouse is square with the office at the middle front and appears similar to in shape to a tortoise.
The tortoise symbolises longivity which implies that the business will survive for a long time and its employees will enjoy good health.
Most important of all is that the Chi (energy) flow is excellent! The Chi flows from left to right (see the second picture).
The building sits faces South which means it is located in the Middle Gwa sector which, according to the Yin Fire in San He Feng Shui calculation, means that the Chi (energy) flows from a very good direction.
The main door opens onto the South sector. This is an excellent location for the door.
In terms of the Flying Stars Feng Shui, Period 7 sits North facing South with m8,w6 at the front door, m6,w8 at the side door.


If you know Feng Shui (I mean the real Feng Shui), you will know how good Feng Shui this place will be.

What about the facts about this Feng Shui warehouse?

Before he moved in, my friend’s business turnover was about 1.2 million dollars per year.

After he moved in, his business grew quickly. Four years later, in 2007, my friends business turnover has increased to exceed 10 millions dollars per year.

Good Feng Shui is important for a businesses success. However, hardwork and good luck are equally important. With these fundamentals, good Feng Shui can assist a business grow even faster.

feng shui warehouse case study