Feng Shui Topics - Taiji and Yin YangThere are so many Feng Shui Topics in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology subject to be learned. Unlike learning other subjects, Feng Shui Subject and Chinese Astrology subject are based on logical deduction and conclusion. It needs a lot of practical works such reading many Bazi charts and Feng Shui audit of existing sites and look at the feng shui affects on those sites.  Feng Shui andoes not involve God, ghost, religious, Buddha and black magic.

Feng shui is to study land forms including mountains,hills, tall buildings, rivers, steams,waters, roads, streets, and related formula.
Chinese Astrology is to study Wu Xing,(Five elements) and related formula such ten gods, combinations and clashes.

To study the formulas of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology, there are 12 topics must be studied by a Feng shui & Chinese astrology Sifu (master).

Feng Shui Topics including the followings:

1. Taiji (太極)
2. Yin Yang (陰陽)
3. San Cai (三才)
4. Four Seasons (四時)
5. Wu Xing (五行)
6. Combination (六合)
7. Clashes (七沖)
8. Bagua (八卦)
9. Nine stars nine palaces (九宮/九星)
10. Heavenly stems, Ten Gods (十天干)
11. Patient practice (耐性,實踐)
12. Earthly branches (十二地支)

Learning Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are different from learning other subjects like Taoist, Buddhism or Confucius.
Tao tells us not to compare and be happy what we have…
Buddhism tells us not to be greedy, anger, stupid and be a good person to attract Karma.
Confucius told us be good to the other, study hard, be humble and be a filial son / daughter…

Taoist, Buddhism and Confucius teachings are related to our hearts and within. We don’t need to learn complicated formula in order to be a good person. However, Feng shui and Chinese Astrology learning  the way works different.
If you don’t learn the above Feng Shui Topics, you will not understand.
If you learn the above Feng Shui Topics, you will not necessarily understand.
If you learn and understand the above Feng Shui Topics, it will benefit your for whole life.

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