Feng Shui Staircase design is an important area in built environment.

There are two types of staircases, internal and external Staircase. Both of them are important in term of Feng Shui. So it is best to have a Feng Shui Staircase designed from the very beginning. When after the house or the building is completely constructed, it is very difficult to change its structure. (you can but money will be wasted) So, ideally, good Feng Shui practice starts at the planning stage of every projects. I have clients ask me to start working from selecting land and giving idea about the internal layout of the house going to be built.

Now let us look at these two typical example of external staircases. One with very good Feng Shui design and the other one with bad Feng Shui design. Of course, there are other conditions may affect the Feng Shui of these two places such as surrounding land forms and its facing directions. However, all in all both of the staircases have Feng Shui effect in time.

Lets look at these two feng shui staircases case study.

Case 1: Bad Feng Shui Staircase

This one is bad Feng Shui designed Staircase because the Qi / Chi or energy flows straight away from the main entrance of the building. This outward slope is causing the Qi / Chi or energy to flow away fast. Of course, The facing and sitting of the building is another factor contributing to bad feng shui. This building is south (Wu Horse Fire) facing. As a result, this Church in Macau was caught fire a few times and eventually burnt down to the ground.

Feng Shui staircase - Bad design

Good Feng Shui Staircase Design

This good Feng Shui designed staircase in Summer Palace, Beijing China. This well designed Feng Shui Staircase does NOT lead straight from the doorway but it goes sideways to prevent energy loss.

Feng Shui staircase - good feng shui design