Discover the lineage from which Edgar Lok Tin Yung draws his Feng Shui experience and knowledge from. Learn how the principles and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation.

SYYG – A Treasured Lineage

YGSYYG fengshui is short for Yang Gong San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui (楊公三元元卦風水).
Yang Gong (楊公) is the most respectful way of calling Great Grand Master Yang Yunsong (楊筠松 834-906)

In the Feng Shui world, different Feng Shui schools, they all respect Yang Yunsong as the Grandfather of Feng Shui.
San Yuen (三元) is the trinity, Heaven, Earth and Man. How they are applied in Feng Shui.
Yuen Gua (元卦) means original, the original 24 mountains of Feng Shui techniques and teachings.
Yang Gong San Yuen Yuen Gua (SYYG) Feng Shui system (楊公三元元卦風水系統) is the fundamental
and the most important layer to all Feng Shui systems, such the Eight Mansions methods (八宅風水),
Flying Stars Feng Shui system (飛星風水), SanHe or Triple Harmony (三合風水) Feng Shui methods and
玄空大卦風水Xuán kōng dà guà Feng shui.
Great Grand Master, Yang Yunsong, he was an officer in late Tang Dynasty (618 – 907AD) and looked
after the Feng Shui matters for the royal family. Toward the end of the Tang Dynasty, there was a riot or
rebel by Huang Chao (黃巢). At that time, it was very unstable. Huang Chao (黃巢) riot was not the only
reason of Great Grand Master Yang had to leave Xian.
Great Grand Master Yang Yunsong, brought the Feng Shui books and left Chang’an, Capital of Tang
Dynasty (present-day Xi’an西安) and moved to Jiangxi. (江西).

During his time in Jiangxi, he taught 3 students.

曾文辿 (Céng wén chān),

廖再三 (Liào zàisān) Grandfather of 廖金精 (Liào jīn jīng)

劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng 884-972AD)

According to records, the families of Ceng and Liao can only teach the Feng Shui techniques within their own family lineage to their offspring. So father teaches son, then grandson, generation by generation.

The families of Ceng and Liao CANNOT teach the real and genuine core techniques to people outside of their own family.

Grand Master劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng), His grandfather was a very good friend of Great Grand Master Yang Yunsong. Grandfather Liu asked Yang to teach Liú jiāngdōng Feng Shui. Liú jiāngdōng became Great Grand Master Yang’s close door and last disciple.

Liú jiāngdōng followed Great Grand Master Yang for 6 years, until Great Grand Master passed away in 906AD. Great Grand Master taught Liú jiāngdōng all the Yang Gong Feng Shui techniques – San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui (SYYG) Feng Shui System.

劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng) was 23 years old when Great Grand Master Yang passed away.

Grand Master劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng) was allowed to teach the Feng shui techniques to people outside of the Liu Family. Liú jiāngdōng is the main and important Grand Feng Shui Master to spread and teach the genuine SYYG Feng Shui system.

Grand Master劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng) had practiced Feng Shui for over 60years. He helped many people.

There are still many places he Feng Shuied and were kept well to nowadays.

Grand Master劉江東 (Liú jiāngdōng) passed away in 972AD. He was 89 years old and was buried at the Yú dū gé ào shàng nǎo chángshù ān (于都葛坳上腦常樹庵), The tomb can still be found today.

Our lineage is passed down from Liú jiāngdōng (劉江東).

Liú jiāngdōng ( 劉江東) wrote a few books, one of them called Náng jīn (囊金) meaning “Capsule Gold” contains many genuine Feng Shui principals and techniques.

This book passed down from generations to generations.

Liú jiāngdōng (劉江東) taught his second son Liú yǐng (劉穎) and his son in law Tán Wénmó (譚文謨).

And outside his immediate family, according to “Dili Feng Shui Authenticity” (Kanyu celebrity biography • appendix) Liú jiāngdōng taught Dei ZiXiang, Wang LuDao, JianXin XianWeng; then Wang LuDao passed to Liu ErLang, Liu ZiXian, Liu GouLi, Song Huashi. (據《地理正宗》(堪輿部名流列傳•附錄)第子驤、王祿道、建心仙翁;王祿道傳劉二郎、劉子仙、劉勾力、宋花師. )

From Tán Wénmó (譚文謨) side:

“Liu Family Book” records: Liu Jiangdong’s son-in-law Tan Wenmo and second son Liu Ying, in Tan Kuan’s “Golden Letters Classic” recorded Tan Wenmo and Liu Ying lineage:

“Tan Wenmo (Liu Jiangdong’s son-in-law) -> Zhao -> Yingyuan -> Muxuan -> Yushan -> Junchuan -> Eun -> Huishan -> Bijian -> Mengxi (Tan Wenjing) -> Shanquan- -Jiang Shu (Gangshu) -> Leshan -> Tieshan -> Chenfeng -> Dexin (Dexin) -> Yixin -> Dunsu “, Dunsu is Tan Kuan, also called Zhongjing. He is Tan Wenmo”s Eighteenth generation grandson.


Tan Kuan(譚寬) taught his cousin’s son in law, Liúbówēn(劉伯溫 1311-1375). Liúbówēn fixed his own birth place’s Feng Shui, he then became the adviser / consultant to the Ming Dynasty’s first emperor. (His birth place is still exist, and is a tourist attraction nowadays in Qingtian Town, Zhejiang (浙江青田鎮).

In Liu’s family:

“Liu Ying (Liu Jiangdong’s second son) -> XingCun -> Long -> Shen -> Le Xuan -> Yuan -> Dezhen -> Junyu -> Junbao -> Shi Xi -> Xin Shu -> Hou Feng -> Yunxiu -> Shiren -> Shiliang -> Zongti (Xian) -> Minzheng -> Qishan ->Bo Wei ”


Feng Shui Workshop SYYG

According to “Dili (Feng Shui) Authenticity” (Kanyu celebrity biography • appendix) recorded ; Liu Qian, Liu Yunzheng, Liu Yunshan, Liu Yunfeng, Liu Yunxiu were descendants of Liu Jiangdong.

Among them: Liu Qian passed to Xiao Caiqing; Liu Yunzheng passed to Liu Zhongtao, Liu Zhongtao passed to Liao Xinfu.


From Liu Ying(劉穎) and Tán Wénmó (譚文謨) they both have done a great job of passing on the SYYG Feng Shui techniques to the world from generation to generation.

My Grand Master Liú Guó Sheng (劉國勝 1951 – ) is the 37th Generation Holder.

During the culture revolution period from 1966 to 1976 in China, in 1968, Grand Master Liú Guó Sheng was send to countryside to be re-educated.

By luck he was sent the Feng Shui area of the JiangXi province called: Dianshan Village, Meigao Town, Xingguo County, Ganzhou (江西贛州興國縣梅告鎮店山村).

This village had a great Feng Shui Master named Liao Junqing (廖均卿). He was selected to look after the Ming 13 Tombs’ Feng Shui project through Royal examination in Ming Dynasty. (This only happened once in history of royal examination on Feng Shui topic.)

Grand Master Liú Guó Sheng (劉國勝) met his master here. His Master is the direct lineage of Liú jiāngdōng. His Master taught him and gave him the 37th Generation holder title.

Liú Guó Sheng (劉國勝) did his Feng Shui project for client in early 1970s. He has been using feng shui to help clients since then.

Grand Master Liu’s site:
My Master Yú YǒngHǎi (余永海) is the 38th Generation Holder.

Master Yú YǒngHǎi learnt from Grand Master Liú Guó Sheng.

Here is Master Yu’s website:

They are both teaching in China.

I am Edgar Lok Tin Yung is the 39th Generation Holder. My Master is Yú YǒngHǎi.

I am allowed by Mater Yu to teach part one of the SYYG systems. There are 3 parts of the SYYG Feng Shui system. I am allowed to teach the first part of SYYG system. This part is already extreme powerful.

Students of mine have already producing good results for their clients.

Some of my students are professional Feng Shui consultants. Some of them are learning for their own use and interests. Among them, there are engineers, medical doctor, and teacher and business owners.