Feng Shui FORMS Workshop – Full Day with Edgar Lok Tin Yung!

Have you ever wondered why the occupants of some buildings consistently seem to be successful, while a succession of people living in other buildings all suffer the same problems?

Would you like to know what makes all the difference? Would you like to know the secret so you can avoid choosing a building that will jeopardize your happiness or the happiness of your client?

Edgar Lok Tin Yung unravels this puzzle in a Full Day Feng Shui Forms WORKSHOP designed for non-practitioners of Feng Shui as well as practicing consultants who want to know more.


The Feng Shui Forms workshop reveals the vital clues to the fortunes of a family or business, which can be seen and read in the FORMS in and around a building.

Forms are objects, angles, shapes, landforms and flows of qi in an environment that can massively impact the quality of life of those who live and work there. Forms are not just about the Four celestial animals. In Fact, there should be Five.

Feng Shui Forms Workshop - Celestial Animals

A good consultant can look at the forms and know what is going on inside the building for the occupants’ health, wealth, relationships or sense of security. . Then they set guidelines to solve or minimize the problems.

This Feng shui forms workshop will give you the keys to understanding how forms work and WHY they are so powerful. It will help you discover what to look for, so you can help others make a safe purchase or remedy the buildings where they live or work.

The Feng Shui Forms Workshop covers:

• External forms and levels of impact.

• Internal architectural layout

• The relationship between you and your house.

• The directions and how they connect to your health.

• Yin/Yang Balance

• The Bagua; Early Heaven and Later Heaven sequences and how to use them

• Case studies and examples.

• Minimizing the dangers

DATE : Sunday 13th September 2015 (9.30am – 5.30pm)

LOCATION: 112 Moray Street South Melbourne

INVESTMENT $ 599 Early bird $539 (by 28st August, 2015)

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