Feng Shui for beginners

Feng Shui for Beginners, there is so much free information on FengShui and Chinese Astrology on the internet. They are in various formats, such as YouTube videos, facebook group, discussion page and personal website articles.

There is a lot more and more Feng Shui for beginners videos produced and uploaded to video broadcasting platform, particularly youtube.com.

If you search “feng shui for beginners” in youtube.com, there will be hundreds even thousands of FengShui videos come up for you to watch.

After almost 20 years in the Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology industry, I decided to create two playlists on my youtube channel.
1) Feng shui for beginners.
2) Bazi Chinese Astrology for beginners.

There are four reasons behind my decision to produce these feng shui videos.

a) Due to the Covid-19 lockdown in Melbourne Australia last year, in the year of the Rat 2020, I have plenty of time to record and edit the videos.

b) There are not so many feng shui videos for begionners organised in systematic way.

c) I found most of the feng shui videos were designed to attract views. And do not explain in traditional feng shui manner.

d) To help someone who is very serious about Feng Shui and Chinese astrology to gain some foundation in the traditional feng shui and Bazi or Chinese astrology.

As the result, I have been uploading feng shui videos for beginners and Bazi Chinese Astrology videos to my youtube channel since 28th July 2020. As up to date (6th June 2021), I have uploaded 48 videos for Feng shui and 10 videos for Bazi Chinese astrology.

Both playlists will keep growing. New videos will be uploaded to my youtube channel regularly for you to enjoy.

Here are the playlists:

Bazi Chinese Astrology playlist: 10 videos now and I will keep uploading.

Feng Shui Playlist: 48 videos now and I will keep uploading.

I hope my youtube channel can benefit your feng shui and Chinese Astrology journey.

Lastly, do remember to subscribe to my lok tin feng shui yourtube channel

All the best and happy Feng Shui ,,ing.

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