Feng Shui and Fertility – A Guide to Overcome Fertility Challenges

Fertility issues can be a challenge for some couples.

What starts off as a couple innocently deciding that they are ready to start a family, becomes an insurmountable physiological and psychological barrier that can lead to friction within a relationship. 

Throughout my consulting career as a Feng Shui Master, I have noticed it is becoming more common for couples/families to ask advice on Feng Shui for Infertility or conceiving a baby.  

In this article, I am going to discuss Feng Shui and the role it can play in fertility/infertility. I will discuss fertility symbolism and Feng Shui, as well as the traditional Feng Shui approach. Through positive changes to your Qi and using the right combination of manipulations, I am confident you can achieve positive results for your family. 

Fertility and Feng Shui – Can it Really Help? 

fertility feng shui

Usually, a couple may have tried other means such as IVF, doctor consultations and other forms of therapy like homeopathy, and only as a last resort, they turn to the Feng Shui remedies. 

However, whenever I discuss Feng Shui and Fertility with my clients, I always encourage them to pursue Feng Shui solutions sooner rather than later. I find the positive energy experienced through energy manipulations correct by a Feng Shui Master can manifest in different ways. 

CASE STUDY – Fertility Feng Shui

To demonstrate my point, I want to discuss a case study I consulted a few years ago. My client was having issues conceiving a baby through IVF. They had undergone several expensive rounds with a local doctor and were not getting any results. 

They were finding it extremely difficult to deal with infertility issues and decided to give Feng Shui a go. After a consultation with me and taking prompt action in making the recommended changes to their living spaces and bedroom, they reported feeling better about their issues. 

Shortly after implementing the Feng Shui strategies, I received a text from my clients to say their IVF round had been successful! They were extremely excited about the sudden turn around of events and were positive about their future again.  

As you can see from the above case study, Feng Shui is not a mutually exclusive art form. It works to create the positive movement of energy to improve different aspects of your life. 

Feng Shui for Infertility – Traditional vs Modern Strategies

As Feng Shui Masters, it is our responsibility to understand and monitor the new and old strategies of implementing this art form. Those familiar with my style, at Lok Tin Feng Shui, will know I practice the traditional form of Feng Shui. 

When it comes to Feng Shui and fertility there are many approaches to resolving these issues. There are:

  • traditional Feng Shui,
  • new age or modern Feng Shui methods, and
  • a combination of both the traditional and modern methods.

All forms are valid, but I believe a traditional approach will yield better results. The way to tell between the different styles is the modern style sees Feng Shui with a more symbolic approach. They believe by placing ornaments and symbols around the house, you can attract positive Qi and increase your chance of conceiving.

Do not get me wrong, traditional Feng Shui does use symbols and statues in its strategies. However, I find traditional methods do not rely on as many symbols and artifacts, and rely more on the foundational principles, such as manipulating forms and energy flows. 

In tradtional Feng Shui, the focus is more about the wind and water (Feng Shui translated literally means wind / water). And the Qi or wind is the mother of water. Traditional Feng Shui strategies aim to maunipulate the Qi inside and around a building and it’s space (or soon to be constructed). 

Feng Shui Fertility Symbols to Counter Infertility

That being said, there is one Feng Shui fertility symbols that I would like to discuss (or fertility good luck charms as some like to put it) that can influence your fertility energy. 

The Lion

feng shui fertility

Next time you are taking a walk around your local neighborhood, and you observe a pair of lion statues standing guard at the front of the house, take a closer look. It may be that the household is trying to promote positive energy for fertility purposes. 

According to traditional Feng Shui, when you are facing the lion statues, the female lion should be standing on the left, with the male on the right-hand side. You will know if the purpose of the statues is for fertility purposes if the female lion is holding a cub (baby lion), while the male lion is holding on to a globe. 

In traditional Feng Shui, the cub represents a child and the globe represents the request from the household asking for a baby. To put it another way, the globe in Chinese characters is “球”. It has the same pronunciation as “求” which means to ask for. Chinese read from right to left on a paper. Therefore, when read in the traditional form, it reads as “求子” – asking for a child.

Key Takeaways for Feng Shui and Fertility

As you can appreciate, infertility can be a challenging time in the lives of many couples. I always encourage families experiencing fertility issues to consider using Feng Shui as a form of aligning their energy and bring positivity into their lives.

Not only can it help the couple to conceive a baby, it can also positively influence other aspects of their lives. 

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