Feng Shui Fertility Workshop – Bed Placement Formula For Fertility

Triple Harmony Bed placement formula Feng Shui Fertility workshop to improve Pregnancy for couples.

Fertility or pregnancy rate can be increased by using the correct Feng Shui formula: The Triple Harmony Feng Shui Bed Placement Formula.

I used this bed placement formula method to achieve the result for clients. So far the success rate is 100%.

Using the Feng Shui Fertility Workshop Formula

The formula is based on the birth year of the husband or male partner.

Using the birth year of the husband as the input data to calculate the Melodic element. After obtained the Melodic element, then we can use the element to find the related area or sector in a house or a room to implement this bed placement method.

An auspicious date and time must be selected in line with this formula to activate the Heaven QI. It is a very effective formula.

After learning this formula, as a consultant can apply it and help their clients to improve fertility.

Content in this Feng Shui Fertility workshop:

There are two areas will be discussed.

1. Forms

What forms which can reduce or affect fertility?

2. Compass formula

“The Triple Harmony Bed placement formula” will be revealed.
Embed the formula into your palm, so you never forget.
“The Triple Harmony Bed placement” formula can incorporate with the Sun formula for high chance of Male baby.
“The Triple Harmony Bed placement” formula can incorporate with the Moon formula for high chance of Female baby.


1 Day Fertility Feng Shui Formula Workshop by request.

Date & TIme 10th March 2020. 9am – 5pm.

Venue: Balwyn North:

Investmnet: $599.


Previous Fertility Workshop:

Here are the names of consultants who attended my Fertility Workshop in June 2015:

Melbourne (20th June 2015)

Alma Gonzalez

Amy Pham

Michelle Frencham

Fran Glesson

Jancy Lew

Fraymond Lew

Sydney (27th June 2015)

Feng Shui Fertility Workshop in Sydney June 2015From Left to Right: Khanh Nguyen, Priscillia Pang, Kong Kang, Alisa Ho, (Myself Edgar Lok Tin Yung), Carolyn McCallum, Tracey Bowden, Lizette Viana Akouri