Fertility Case Study February 2021 Melbourne 

n the interests of my clients and their privacy, I have omitted/changed personal details and facts from this case study. I have not, however, embellished or fabricated any details in this article to skew the results.

Case Study Details:

Today’s case study involves a couple, Mr & Mrs Y, who required the assistance of Feng Shui master to fine tune their Qi.

This time we are staying local, in my hometown of Melbourne, Victoria.

Mr & Mrs Y reached out in February 2021, for an onsite audit of their family home (fortunately this fell nicely in between lock-downs caused by the pandemic).

Upon arrival, I began with my usual questions, asking them to identify the type of Feng Shui energy they would like to target during the audit.

Almost at the same, time, both of them answered me with the same word: ‘Fertility’.

Keeping this in mind, we began the audit. I examined 4 different floor plan layouts for them.  According to San Yuen Yuen Gua system, one of the floor plans fit the goal of achieving positive fertility energy for their family.

Not only that, the house also supports their personal energy, Mr and Mrs Y were both born in the year of the Ox.

Additional Feng Shui Notes – About the Personal East & West Group Methods

In the San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui system, we do not use the personal Ming Gua East and West group feng shui method. This personal Ming Gua East and West group feng shui system creates more conflicts for occupants, rather than harmony. In particular, couples who belong to different groups. To achieve a positive outcome, different strategies are required. In fact, some of them are implemented in the opposite way to one another to balance the Qi.

In addition, the assumptions used in the personal East and West group Feng Shui methods are not reasonable. This method treats everyone equally. However, the Sun, the Waters, and the Qi flows will not care nor change direction for you simply because you are sitting in certain directions.

Anyway, back to the case study at hand. The key takeaway was that Mr & Mrs Y were lucky to buy this particular house without consulting a Feng Shui master.

Feng Shui Techniques/Strategies

Mr. and Mrs Y also advised that they renovated the house by themselves with some help from their friends.

As most people spend a lot of time in their house (especially during lock-downs), I suggested that they put in place particular strategies to activate specific areas of the family home to improve the fertility energy. This included the toilets, kitchen and bedroom.

By simply changing your daily behaviors and habits (such as using different doors to enter or exit the house), you can greatly improve the energy flow of your house. The key is being able to identify the sectors that require activation.

I used the methods taught to me by my master to harness the energy flow in the house. With the San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui system, I was able to identify 6 fixed areas / sectors in the house that would assist to channel positive fertility.

In addition, I recommended using a water feature and a floor lamp to place in the areas that required acitivation to increase the flow of fertility energy.

Fortunately, this was not my first Feng Shui audit with the goal of increasing a couples’ fertility – you can explore my other fertility case studies on the main page.

Feng Shui Case Study Outcomes

In June 2021 Mrs Y sent me a Whatsapp message:

good news about Fertility Feng Shui

This is what Mrs Ying sent to me in June.

In December 2021, boxing day, Mrs Y sent me a photo of a baby with greeting message.

Feng Shui Fertility Baby

Another little coincidence is that I noticed the birthday of the baby is exactly the same as the baby of the Sydney couple (previous Fertility Feng Shui case study). How about that!

Mrs. Y invited me to do a 2022 year of the tiger feng shui annual review for their home on the 28th February.

Feng Shui Fertility Melbourne Case Study

What a good opportunity to meet the little one. It makes me so happy to experience these little joys in life with my clients.

San Yuen Yuen Gua Feng Shui System

I am grateful to my Master and all lineage masters whom passed down the real Feng Shui knowledge and techniques.

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