Feng Shui Earth Luck 2023 – Yin Water Rabbit

Yin Water Rabbit - Feng Shui Earth Luck

Earth Luck is about the annual Feng Shui Qi.
It involves energy and flying stars visiting a space or location such as a home, a shop, or an office.

Normally the New Feng Shui Qi starts on the 4th of February.

Each year, we consider the Feng Shui Sheng Qi (生氣good energy) and Sha Qi (煞氣bad energy) and their interaction with the various sectors on the premises. Feng Shui Earth Luck deals with these yearly Feng Shui energy.

It is a two-step process:

  1. First, we need to mitigate the Feng Shui Sha Qi (Bad Energy).
  2. Then we activate the Feng Shui Sheng Qi where is possible.

If you have followed my Feng Shui Earth Luck articles in the past years, you may know that each year, there are three big Sha Qi and three lucky Sheng Qi. The star’s interaction will set the foundation regardless of the facing and sitting of the house or an office. Some years, Sha Qi overlaps and creates bigger Sha Qi. And vice versa, the Sheng Qi can overlap in some years too.

Note – There are also a couple of medium Sha Qi rotating each year in a house or office.

I will show you some Feng Shui methods to deal with these Feng shui Sha Qi and Sheng Qi in the year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023.

Determine the Location

Firstly, we need to know where the Sheng Qi and Sha Qi are located in the year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023.

  1. The Tai Sui (Grand Duke) is active in the year of the Rabbit. It is located in the East or Mao (卯) sector in the Feng Shui compass. (Mao卯is in between 82.50° to 97.50° measure from the center of the house. All other sectors and areas mentioned below are measured from the center of the house or your office.)
  2. The San Sha (三煞the 3-killings) arrives at the West (The Dui 兌Gua 247.5°- 292.5°). It covers a big area. The San Sha is powerful and unfavorable.
  3. The Five Yellow. It landed in the North West. (The Qian 乾 Gua, 292.5° – 337.5°)
  4. The power, traveling and promotion star number 6 flies to the West sector. (The Dui 兌Gua 247.5°- 292.5°)
  5. The money and prosperity star number 8 is located in the South sector (Li 離 Gua 157.5°-202.5°)
  6. The romance, happiness star number 9 comes to North (Kan 坎 Gua 337.5°- 22.5°)
  7. The Wu Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the South Wu 午(Horse 172.5°- 187.5°) and Southwest Wei 未 (Goat 202.5° – 217.5°)
  8. The Sui Poh Sha(歲破), is on the opposite side of the Tai Sui Mao 卯 Rabbit. It is located at You 酉 You (Rooster 262.5°-277.5°)

Please note:

Some sectors are bigger and cover 45 degrees. Some sectors only cover 15 degrees.

The Sui Poh Sha(歲破) and the San Sha are both located in the You 酉 Rooster sector, so the Rooster sector has double Sha Qi there in 2023.

Below is the Earth Luck Feng Shui diagram for 2023. It is different from the normal map. In this Feng Shui map, the top is south, and the bottom is north.


A classical Feng Shui saying: “大煞宜避, 中煞可制, 小煞不理!”

Direction translation to this saying: “Avoid the big Sha. Cure the medium Sha. Ignore the tiny Sha.”

The first rule to deal with the Sha Qi is: “Respect them. DO NOT disturb them or activate them in their respective areas”.

Do not DISTURB the Sha Qi sectors. Therefore, “Move Earth,” which means digging ground or renovating the sectors inside and outside of your house, is prohibited. (Unless you are not living in the house when your house is being renovated.)

Yearly, Sha Qi is like a sleeping tiger. It will be fine without any disturbance. With strong vibration, the tiger will wake up from sleep, and if you are nearby, it will hurt you.


The Tai Sui is also known as The Grand Duke or The Yearly King.

Tai Sui can be good and bad depending on the techniques applied to activate it.

Measured from the center of your house, the Tai Sui locates in the East sector Mao (卯82.50° to 97.50°) Rabbit area in the year of the Yin Water-Rabbit. It is the yearly King sector. If you don’t know how to measure the center of your house, particularly with an irregular shape floor plan, you can watch my video here.

In traditional Feng Shui, there is a way to activate the Tai Sui to make the yearly King your friend, and he can help achieve your goal quicker if the house or office Feng Shui settings support this. You need a classically trained professional Feng Shui Master to help to achieve it. Don’t do it yourself. If incorrectly activated, it brings double harm.

But first of all, we must respect Tai Sui. We do not disturb the Tai Sui sector of the year.

In your house or office, if the main entrance locates in the East Mao 卯 Rabbit sector, do not disturb the area both inside and outside, such as moving earth or drilling. If activated, it may bring issues to the legs, foot, gall bladder, liver, hair loss, or even traffic accidents.

The Mao Rabbit sector is within the Zhen Gua area (震卦). It is the eldest son’s sector or related male age between 30 to 59 years old. Tai Sui relates to our health and emotion.

The Rabbit sector also relates to people born in the year of the Rabbit (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011……).

If the main entrance of your house or office is located at the Mao 卯Rabbit sector, please keep this Tai Sui area as quiet as possible. Don’t slam the door. Make sure to open and close the door gently at all times. This applies to all the Sha Qi sectors too.

To reduce the impact of the Tai Sui in the year of the Rabbit (4 Feb 2023 – 3 Feb 2024), place a round metal object in the Rabbit sector. The round metal object can be a vase, plate, or round metal cylinder.

The Zhen Gua sector has the flying star number #2 visiting in the year of the Rabbit.

The number #2 star means health issues. So need to take care of your legs, feet, gall bladder, liver, or hair loss issues.


In the year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023, the Feng Shui Sha Qi – The San Sha 三煞 3-killings (Three lots of Sha Qi) lands at the You 酉 Rooster, the Dui 兌 Gua (247.5°-292.5°) area. It covers the whole Dui 兌Gua area.

The 3-killing or San Sha Qi represents lawsuits, career problems, gossip, theft, robbery, and arguments.

The Dui Gua is the youngest daughter’s sector. It represents the metal system of our body, such as the respiratory system, lungs, throat, thyroid, and large intestine.

The youngest daughter or age under 19 years old or any person born in the year of the Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005…) needs to take care of the above-mentioned areas.

Do not disturb the 3-Killings Sha in the West sector, particularly the You 酉Rooster sector. It is also the Sui Poh Sha sector. Once it is disturbed, it brings double harm.

On the global Feng Shui scale, the Three-Killing Sha lands at West. West in the world represents the European countries. There will be issues in western Europe in 2023. If you have business there, make sure you plan ahead.

To minimize the bad feng shui effects of the Three-Killings Sha in your house and office, in the West sector You 酉 Rooster sector, place a round black vase filled with 80% full of clear water. Change the water every 2-3 weeks.


The 5-Yellow Sha represents misfortune, obstacles, and sickness.
The 5-Yellow Sha comes to the Qian乾 Gua (292.5° – 337.5°) area.

The Qian Qua belongs to the head of the house or a man over 60 years old.

If you have a door in this sector, make sure you close it gently when passing through. If this sector is activated, it brings misfortune, obstacles, and sickness. Pay attention to the respiratory system, bone, heart, and brain.

To reduce the effect of the 5-Yellow Sha Qi, at the Qian (Northwest) sector of your house, you can place a round shape, black vase filled with 80% full of water. (Same treatment as the You Sector)



The annual flying star #8 represents wealth and prosperity and is located in the South sector, the Li 離 Gua (157.5°-202.5°) area of the house in the year of Rabbit.

If the South sector is your main door, please use this door more, as your wealth in 2023 will be fantastic.

To bring in more wealth, you can place a water feature or fish tank to further activate the area.


The annual flying star number #9 means romance and happy events such as weddings, pregnancy, or giving birth are coming to the North sector, the Kan 坎 Gua (337.5°- 22.5°) of the house.

The annual star #9 can also increase “people luck,” meaning if it is activated correctly, it brings opportunities for you to meet more people. It is a very good star for the singles.

On the other hand, it may bring a third person for married couples.

If used correctly, the #9 star is a good star for increasing “People Luck”.

Depending on the space of the area in the north sector of your house, you can activate the sector by placing a mini humidifier, de-humidifier, and a tall floor lamp and turn on most of the time.


The Power Star #6 also is known as the promotion and traveling star, the annual star #6 comes to the West, Dui 兌 Gua (247.5°-292.5) of the house.

As mentioned above that the Sui Poh and The San Sha are located at the You 酉 Rooster Sector. It is NOT suggested to activate the annual flying star #6.


The Sui Poh Sha is opposite the Tai Sui sector. It is located at You (酉 Rooster 232.5°- 247.5°) in the west sector.

The Wu Ji Sha (戊己煞) is located at the South Wu (午Horse 172.5°- 187.5°) and South-South-west Wei 未 Goat (202.5° – 217.5°) sector.

For both Sui Poh and the Wu Ji Sha areas, “Move Earth” or “Digging” is prohibited. If the areas are disturbed, it brings health issues such as eyes, hearts, and blood circulation to a female person 40-55 years old or someone born in the year of the Horse (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002) or Goat (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003).


The above information summarizes the important areas for your house and office as each house and office differs. The occupants have different animal signs. Lots can be done to activate the good energy for a particular person.

If you are unsure what you are doing, you can always contact a Feng Shui Master near you for an annual Feng Shui update.

If you want to know more about what the Yin water Rabbit year holds for you, please read my Man Luck animal signs luck article.

All the best and have a prosperous Year of the Yin Water Rabbit in 2023.

Remember, Good Feng Shui brings good luck to you.

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