Feng Shui Design rules, I have written a booklet Feng Shui design rules which is the part two of the Free Feng Shui Tips. The contents of the book are as the followings:

    •  A simple definition of Feng Shui
    •  The Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui design
    •  The Four main internal areas of Yang Feng Shui
    •  Understanding the House in relation to our body
    •  The Back is the Head
    •  The Left – Green Dragon is Positive.
    •  How do you activate the Green Dragon area?
    •  Feng Shui time and space
    •  Master bedroom
    •  Which side is female? Which side is male?
    •  Toilet position
    •  Kitchen Stove Position
    •  General rules for positioning of the bed
    •  Children’s bedroom and study desk
    •  The Front Yard
    •  The Back Yard
    •  Centre of a house
    •  Gua area of family members
    •  The Heavenly Stem of the birth year of the person.
    •  The Earthly Branch of the birth year of the person.
    •  Example of Personal areas
    •  Step by step audit a new or an existing plan

Feng Shui Design Rules or Purchase Your Own Home

Feng Shui design rules - Facing of the house

All the information in the booklet is from my practical experiences. They are proven to work for my clients.

Feng Shui design rules booklet is not about complicated formulas. Sometimes a minor change can bring drastic positive result.

I keep the ways simple and easy for you to follow. (大道至簡) meaning the basic principles, methods and laws are extremely simple, easy to be able to say a word or two to understand.

The so-called:“真傳一句話,假傳萬卷書”, “The truth can be revealed in a sentence or two, the specious are in thousands of books.”

The booklet will cost you A$49 within Australia and A$59 outside Australia (Free postage). I will post you a physical book as it comes with an auditing chart.

The good news is that if you are in Melbourne, you can pick it up at Southbank Crown Chinese New Year Bazaar celebration (30th Jan – 2nd February 11.00am – 11.00pm -Stall #5) for A$40.

Will post within 2 working days!

Within Or Outside Australia

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