Feng Shui Date Selection in Chinese Astrology plays an important role in our day to day life. Picking a good day to perform an activity is very important regardless you live in Melbourne or China. Feng Shui Date Selection is a skill that is highly regarded by the Chinese and not only helps to create potential for success, but also ensures that things go more smoothly.

Feng Shui date selection can select an auspicious date to maximize success for opening a new business, launch a product, get married, purchase a home or travel overseas and so on…

In Feng Shui date selection, a good feng shui day selected will lead to a better result. If a bad day is picked to implement a task or do major activities as mentioned above, will lead to a very bad result.

In short, a good day is full of positive energy. A bad day has negative energy. And both the good or bad energy will affect the outcomes.

The positive energy the day itself has different effect to each individual since each person has their own Four Pillar or bazi chart (their own lucky element). An auspicious day for someone it does not mean the day is automatically good for everyone.

However, there are few general rules for everyone to follow when come to Feng Shui date selection. After following these rules, then we then can pick a day for each individual according to one’s lucky element. Feng Shui date Selection is not an easy task.

In Chinese Feng Shui almanac, each year is made up by two characters, the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. In fact not only each year is made up by Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch, but each month, each day, each hour is also made up by Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch.

There are 12 Earthly Branches which represents 12 animal signs. 2007 is the year of the Pig. 2008 is the year of Rat. 2009 is the year of the Ox and so.

The Pig clashes with the Snake. So, in 2007 year of the Pig, any Snake day (the earthly branch is snake) is clashed with the Pig. The Pig is the Grand Duke or Tai Sui of the year. This means that the Snake day is offending the Grand Duke. Any Snake day in 2007 is called “Clashed day” or “Broken day”. All snake days in 2007 are bad.

Any snake day in 2007 is a bad day, since it clashes by the Year (Pig), in Feng Shui date selection, it is called “Year Broken day!”

In the same theory, the day also can clash with the month; it is called “Month Broken Day”. For example, Rat day, Horse month, Tiger day, Monkey month or vice versa. Please refer to the table.

Feng Shui date selection Animals Clash

There are also eight days in a year cannot be used in Feng Shui Date selection. They are the days before the 2 solstices (21 or 22 in March and September) and 2 equinoxes (21 or 22 in June and December). And the other 8 days cannot be picked are the day just before starting of each season in Chinese Solar terms. Normally on 6 or 7 in May, July, Aug, and November.

Another set of days which not to be used is five days before and after the Sun or Moon eclipsed. However this is not happening very often.

In order to see it is a good or bad, the day Western in calendar must be converted into Heavenly Stem and Earthly branch.

Coincident or True in Feng Shui Date Selection

Here are a few examples. It is up to you to judge. If you think it is caused by the bad day, it is. Otherwise, you think it is just coincident. It is totally up to you.

In 29th June 2008, the toll road Eastlink M3 was opened. The date used to open a major road is not a good luck day. That date in Feng Shui date selection, the Earthly Branch of the day Clashes with the Earthly Brach of the Month. As a result, you can look up their share price.

In 22nd November, 1963, if you have Chinese Almanac on hand, you can easily see that the day is a Snake day and the Month is a Pig month. It is a “Month Broken day”. Furthermore it is a day the Heavenly Stems are also clashed. What so special about this date you may ask?

The answer is that this is the day when John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was shot and killed. 22nd November is also a day before one of the Chinese Solar Terms.

7th November 2000, it is a snake day clashes with a pig Month. It is also a day before the starting of the Winter Season. It is a really bad day.

This was the day that USA’s federal election. The result was that Al Gore and George W Bush went to court to resolve the matter and was led to an unhappy result. Al Gore was lucky.

It was a day on 20th January 2001. Yes you are right. It is a “Month Broken day” too. It is a goat day clashes with Ox month. What happened?

It was a bad day which George Bush swore in. See what happen to him later after using a bad day to swear in (a major ceremony). The 911 and the Iraq war were popped up.

He declared war with Iraq on the bad day too. And the day sending off the trop was on 20th March 2003. Sure it is a “Broken Day” too.

I remembered telling my wife that the war would be prolonging for a long period of time.

The above cases were happened in the West. What about the East?

On 5th March 2003, it was clashed day. This was happened in Hong Kong. The treasurer of Hong Kong at that time, Mr. Leung read the budget on this clashed day. As the result, he was found out he had brought a car a month before he read the budget. In his budget report the tax of this particular car was to be increased. He was subsequently forced to resign.

If you want things to go smoothly for you, you need to find someone to help you select an auspicious feng shui date.

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