Chinese Astrology

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Learn What Your Future Holds

Chinese Astrology consultation using Bazi. Bazi is also known as Four Pillars of Destiny.

Chinese Astrology Consultations for Melbourne locals can be done face-to-face in my office in Balwyn North. For those who do not live in the Melbourne area. Chinese Astrology consultation can be done via SKYPE. A good way to communicate. Clients from overseas were very happy.

Bazi predictions are one of an ancient Chinese fortune-telling systems based on the Chinese calendar (Hsia Calendar) and allow a trained Chinese Astrology consultant to reveal the inborn components of a person and analyze the Wu Xing (Five elements) that impact in their life.

Based on your date of birth, year, month, day and birth hour and converts it to Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches, a well trained consultant is able to evaluate the character, appearance, behavior, relationships, potential, achievements, health and wealth in one’s life. With combining the Luck Pillars and Yearly pillars, it helps a consultant to pinpoint when the potential in a particular area will peak.

I am so lucky to learn Chinese astrology consultation fortune telling from traditional Chinese Bazi Masters in Hong Kong. The art of Bazi can help individuals to make important decisions, such as career path, love and relationship, business and partnership when standing at the cross roads.

Who would benefit from my Chinese Astrology consultation service?

  • Someone who seeks some guidance with their personal life or career direction
  • Someone who wishes to find out more about their health, career potential, relationships and luck cycles.
  • Someone who wishes to make more informed decisions regarding their studies, career or business
  • Someone who is in a dilemma situation and wishes to find out more….