Below you will find a list of my personal case studies that have been documented from real Feng Shui audits performed with my clients. Please note to maintain the anonymity of my clients, I have changed and omitted personal details. I have not however, embellished or fabricated any details in the case studies to skew the results.

Feng Shui Case Studies

Yin Feng Shui Case study from China

Geng Facing, Water from Kun Produces Heros 師兄(Shīxiōng) is a Chinese term. It means male fellow students to the same teacher or master, particularly in martial art, Chinese astrology or…
Feng Shui & Fertility

Feng Shui Fertility

Feng Shui and Fertility – A Guide to Overcome Fertility Challenges Fertility issues can be a challenge for some couples. What starts off as a couple innocently deciding that they…