Feng Shui pregnancy tips for better fertility.

One of the main feng shui functions of choosing a good Yin Feng Shui ‘Dragon Den’ burial site for ancestors, is to help better fertility, pregnancy and ensure the best quality of health, wealth possible for the next generations. As as result, I believe due to practicing of Yin Feng Shui, that is why China has the highest population in the world!

Nowadays, due to scarcity of Feng Shui land, Yin Feng Shui is less popular. However Yang Feng Shui (the place we live to make baby) does has the same effects as Yin Feng Shui to help ensure health, wealth, Feng Shui Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Children.

But the difference is Yang Feng Shui only affects the people live in that house. The Yin Feng Shui will affect all the descendants of the clan.

The topic of this article is Feng Shui Pregnancy tips for increase fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Children, so let me talk about more in this area. There are a number of things in Feng Shui that reduce the fertility rate or bring in miscarriage.

Feng Shui Pregnancy Tips

Feng Shui Pregnancy Tips: Avoid busy road at the back of the house.1. The Feng Shui Fertility Birth Qi flows away from the house.
2. The Feng Shui Extinct Qi flows to the house. (Read more in Feng Shui Pregnancy Tips Case Study)
3. Wrong kitchen / stove position in the house.
4. In Forms Feng Shui School, this is a ‘Sickness Mountain’ in front of the house.
5. A very busy freeway right at the back of your house.

Number 1 to 3 Feng Shui pregnancy tips listed above, you need an experienced Feng Shui Consultant or Master to help you identify and rectify them. There are some calculations involved.

For number 4 and 5 feng shui pregnancy tips listed above, you can inspect them yourself. For number 5, “A very busy freeway right at the back of your house”, I don’t need to explain further. It is a very busy road at the back of your house.

‘Sickness Mountain’ is a Feng Shui jargon from Forms Feng Shui School. ‘Sickness Mountain’ affects Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Children.

In the 撼龍經 (Shake Dragon Ching), the classical Feng Shui text was written by Yang Yun Song 楊筠松. (834-900 AD) some data shows (834 – 904 AD), the Father of Feng Shui.

In the Tan Lang Chapter, a few sentences mention about ‘Sickness Mountain’. It says:


“A water mouth mountain does not live inside the bright hall. If so, it is called Sickness Mountain, also called eye-disease and Miscarriage / Abortion Mountain.”

This is my version of translation. Unfortunately, most of classical Feng Shui text is not easy to be translated. Especially, classical Feng Shui text regarding Feng Shui formulas calculations, there are hidden meanings behind. That is why same sentence, same wordings in the same classical Feng Shui text are explained differently by various Feng Shui Schools. Luckily, in Forms Feng Shui School, Feng Shui Masters are mostly agreed with each other.
Look at the photo; this is how a ‘Sickness Mountain’ looks like inside a bright-hall.

Feng Shui pregnancy tips Sickness mountain

I audited this place early 2009. There were two such ‘Sickness Mountains” in the house. One was inside the bright hall at the front. The other sickness mountain was outside their bedroom. The couples were at their early 30s. They tried very hard for baby. They also tried IVF as well without any success. I was called in.

When I arrived I saw these two Sickness Mountains. I told them that was the problem and have to totally demolish them. I also suggested a few other things for them to do. After that, I have not heard from them since.

In late 2010, I was called to Feng Shui a house in Doncaster. Normally, I would ask the person who referred me to them. The lady told me her colleague from Sunshine. I said I had many Feng Shui clients in Sunshine. She then said the lady wanted to have baby and has two that “sickness mountains” in her place and you told them to remove the mountains. “Oh yes! I remember now.” I said “How is she?”

“She removed the two mountains. And she had a baby boy now! That is why she recommended you to me”

Hope you can benefit from these Feng Shui pregnancy Tips.