Face Reading has a very long history in China. (I’m not sure about the Western Face Reading).

In face reading there is not only reading someone’s face, but also observe their actions such as talking, walking, sitting, standing, eating….

A Face Reading story of Fan Li 范蠡

Fan Li and Wen Zhong were partners helping King Yue in about 500 BC. After Fan & Wen helped him became Real King Yue. Fan knew he should go because he could read King Yue’s face!

Fan sent a letter to Wen before he went hiding.

In the letter to Wen Fan stated something like this “…..King Yue…he is Long Neck Bird Beak… he uses you when he needs you…..now he is the Real King and he is going to kill you….if you leave now, you can avoid dead…..”

Unfortunately, Wen stayed and was killed by King Yue
Long neck means his Neck is long. Bird Beak is describing his Nose. Nose looks sharp and pointy. Here is a drawing of King Yue.

Face reading long neck bird beak

Bird Beak in face reading today is called Eagle’s nose.

face reading eagle nose

A person with Eagle’s Nose is believed he/she is cunning, especially when it has 3 curves.
Face reading curving nose

Cunning Nose + think lips = Bad

The face and its age points in Face reading

The Face tells a lot of things about yourself. Are we going to be rich? Are we always get into lawsuits or troubles? Are we trustworthy and so on? Not only that, Our face also can tell us in what ages we will be doing well or badly.
Here is a face with 100 numbers written on it. The number means the age. for example, 48 means at the age of 48 we look at the nose tip. The nose is not only associated with luck, it is also associated with health and money. The following page gives you a bit more information. Here is the face and its age points in face reading.

100 spots on Face reading


The ears in Face Reading

The ears in face reading indicate from birth to age of 15. In fact the ears affecting the whole life. The ears link to the kidneys.
The ears indicate the health status before the age of 15. In general, the bigger the ears the more active the person is. Active means sports, travelling, never feel exhausted, or able to work long hours.
The bigger the ears mean more stubborn. It is very difficult to persuade them.

There two persons have big ears. There are both very sporty.

Prince Charles     abbott

The eyes in Face Reading

The eyes in face reading are the most important features to look at on our face. We use our eyes to see. Eyes are the window to the soul. To be successful, we must be able to see. There were only a few successful people out there they were blind.

The eyes indicate a person’s luck between 30 to 40 years old. Between 30 to 40 years old, this 10 years are the most critical time in our life. Eyes have a lot of expressions. It is hard to describe in words. you need to read people’s eyes more.

In general rule of thumb, the sharper the expression in one’s eyes, the more smart or intelligent of the person.
Compare with the eyes and you know what I mean.



The Nose in Face Reading

The nose in facing reading tells about someone’s wealth and health at 40 to 50 years of age.
It is a sad story, but this shows you how accurate that face reading can be. This face reading case is for study and discussion purpose.
I am not trying to offend anyone here.

michael jackson nose in face reading

The nose mole in face reading

The nose mole in face reading is also about wealth and health. The nose indicates the money luck in between ages 40 to 50 years old.
If there is a mole on the nose, it will be bad luck between 40 to 50 years old. Face reading is very accurate. A friend of mine, he has a mole on his nose. I told him to remove it years ago. But he did not listen to me. He lost a lot money a few years back at his late 40s.

Nose mole in Face reading


The Mouth in Face Reading

The Mouth in face reading indicates the luck period in between 55 to 65 years old as well as the ages of 3,12,21,30,39,48. If someone born with a big and nice shape mouth, he / she will be very lucky in their ages of 3,12,21,30,39,48 and 55 – 65 years old.
Our faces tell us a lot of things. Look at these 2 pictures. Julia Roberts and David Letterman they were both born with very big and nice shape mouths.
Julia Roberts mouth in face reading

Julia Roberts was born in 1967. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Roberts Her first critical success with moviegoers was her performance in the independent film Mystic Pizza in 1988. She was 21.
Face reading happy mouth








david letterman has a big happy mouth face reading


1977 is the turning point for Mr. David Letterman. He was a writer and regular on the six-week summer series The Starland Vocal Band Show, broadcast on CBS. He hosted a 1977 pilot for a game show entitled The Riddlers. He was 30.






The Chin in Face Reading

Our Chins tell us a lot of things.

The chin tells the luck around 65 to 75 years old! The chin also tells about a person if he/she is outgoing or likely to stay at home.
For pointy chins, most likely, the person is active and like to go out often.

Some researches found that pointy chins or downward V shape chins are threatening. In face reading it also indicates a weak heart and the person is not easily let go of their emotional issues. And may lead to an unhappy events such self harm, drug, alcohol…