How to Invite the Auspicious Gods, or Positive Qi

Soon, we will be entering into the year of the Dragon 2024.

In the following short article, I will give you some tips on acquiring auspicious energy, including meeting the Career God and Happy God and avoiding bad energy on Chinese New Year’s Day!

The Chinese New Year’s Day is on the 10th of February, 2024.

During the ancient celebration of Chinese New Year, certain practices were observed to attract auspicious energies. At the same time, specific actions were deliberately avoided to preserve the day’s positive Qi (and avoid the negative Qi).

Traditionally, China is a farming country. To attract good luck and hope for a good harvest in the coming year, a few activities would be performed on the first new moon day of the year. 

It is important to note that due to the characteristics of the Chinese Almanac, the Chinese New Year’s Day always falls on the first new moon day of the year.

On Chinese New Year’s Day, any farming activity was put aside. It is a holiday for the farmers. (Most countries in Asia nowadays still keep the tradition – No work on the day and family gather together)

Activities to DO Around Chinese New Year

Before the Chinese New Year, generally, two days prior, do a big cleanup. Dump hard rubbish and unwanted items, and clean the garden…

Activities to be done also include worshiping the ancestors, using good words to greet people, wearing new clothes bright and colorful, burning firecrackers at a certain hour, putting up meaningful good luck wordings stickers (Fai-Chun or ChunLian) on the walls or the top of the door frame and both sides,  such as “Gong Hei Fat Choi,” “Good health Good wealth.” This sticking up the Fai-Chun activity has a long history in China. You can read more information after reading this article. I will have the link at the end of the article. 

Nowadays, people are very creative; some even use English to write the Fai-Chun.

Here are examples of Fai-Chun in Chinese and English.

Activities to AVOID During Chinese New Year  

  • 1. Don’t use a pair of scissors (it cuts away the luck),
  • 2. Don’t sweep the floor (sweep away wealth and luck);
  • 3. Don’t greet someone while they are still in bed (someone lying down to be greeted means they will be unwell in the coming year). And
  • 4. Ladies don’t hurry their men to leave the bed. (Meaning the man cannot settle down in the year, always pushed by someone)
  • 5. Don’t use needle and thread.

Chinese New Year Day Auspicious Direction 2024

The auspicious directions are Northeast (Happy God), Southwest (Promotion God).

To receive the Qi or energy of the Happy Good and Promotion God, you can burn Joss Sticks/candles or walk toward the auspicious directions. You can also combine two actions.

The auspicious hours on the day for burning joss sticks or candles are:

0000-0100, 0300-1100

The auspicious hours on the day for walking toward the direction are:

0000-1100, 1300-1500 

(Please note this is the GMT without taking into consideration Daylight saving in your area)

To meet a happy God go in the NE direction, 

To meet the promotion, God goes in the SW direction.

Use the auspicious hour to burn Joss Sticks/candles or Walk in that direction for at least 15 minutes.

You can also combine both actions together. 

A client provided this idea. He asked me two years ago (When Melbourne was in lockdown) if he could burn the candles in the backyard and, at the same time, walk toward the auspicious directions in the same spot. 

This is a great idea. He did it, and in 2022, he was doing well. 

You can set up a small table in your backyard or balcony. Depending on your direction, set the table to Northeast or Southwest, burn the candles for 15 minutes, and then leave home and walk in the opposite direction.

All the best, and have a great year of the Dragon. 

To read more about the history of the Fai-Chun or Chunlian follow the following link.

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