Chinese Astrology Bazi chart element transformation, it means a single Wu Xing or Five elements in a Bazi chart can be transformed into a different element under certain conditions. Bazi chart element transformation is one of the most important area in reading and analysis a Bazi Chart. Also know as Four Pillars of Destiny chart.

The Wu Xing or five elements representing by the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, their combinations and transformations in a Bazi chart gives dynamic to the chart. It shows what is really happening to the owner of the Bazi chart.

Wu Xing in Bazi chart element transformation

After the combinations of stems or branches, the big questions are:

1. To transform or not to transform? (under what conditions it must transform or cannot be transformed)
2. Are transformations always good? (Sometimes it is bad)

There are Heavenly Stem transformations and Earthly branch transformations!

The Heavenly Stems transformations are less complicated than Earthly Branches transformations.

The Heavenly Stems only has five pairs of combinations and potential transformation.

For example, the Jia Yang Wood and the Ji Yin Earth combine in a Four Pillars chart. The question are:

1. Will the Jia wood transform into Earth or it remain keeps its element as wood?
2. Is the Jia Wood better to transform? or
3. Is the Jia wood better NOT to transform?
4. What happen if the Jia Wood transform?
5. What happen if the Jia Wood DOES NOT transform?

The Earthly branches Bazi chart element transformations are more complicated.

In a Bazi chart element transformation, here are the list of earthly branches combinations  and potential transformations:

1. 6-pairs combinations and potential Transformations.
2. Triple harmony combinations and potential Transformations..
3. Pre Triple harmony combinations and potential Transformations.
4. post Triple harmony combinations and potential Transformations.
5. Directional combinations and potential Transformations.
6. Underground combinations and potential Transformations.
7. Arch combinations and potential transformations.

I say potential transformation, it is because sometimes the stems or branches they just combine and do not transform.