There are 14 main stars in a Zi Wei Dou Shu chart. They are:

14 main stars in Ziweidoushu

Out of 115 stars in a Ziweidoushu chart, there are 14 main stars which are important for reading a person’s characters and luck cycle. However, it does not mean if you have an Emperor star in the Life Box or Life House in your Ziweidoushu chart, then you will become a king. There are 12 Boxes or Houses in a Ziweidoushu chart. If you have an Emperor star in the Life Box, it means you love to have face. You love to command. You always want to do things in your own ways. You are very ambitious. You always try your best at work in order to get a promotion. You always disperse your coins everywhere……When you are sick you don’t like to go to see the doctor…… You always show the bright side to other people. You want people to envoy you. You don’t want others to show pity on you…..These are some of the characters of an Emperor.

In most of the time, there are two main stars in the same Box or House. let say if there is the Reform star in the same box with the Emperor star. This person is not only getting the characters of Emperor Star, but also carrying the character of the Reform star.

The main character of the Reform star is Hurry and rush. He is always in a hurry. He is very fast moving. He is impatient. He is a very good starter, vanguard. He always want to start something new but never finish.

To analysis the luck of a person from a Ziweidoushu chart is to look at the stars transformation or chemical reaction of these 14 main stars interact with the Heavenly Stem of 10 years luck and yearly luck . it is called (大運流年四化).