It seems that Chinese Astrology and Smoking do not mix. However, if we take a closer look, there are some relations between them. From Chinese Astrology point of view, there is an explanation why some smokers get cancers or respiratory system illness easily. And why some long term smokers do not get any respiratory sickness at all.

Chinese astrology and smoking - quitsmokingWe all know medical research proofs that smoking is hazard to health. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 ingredients. Cigarette smoke contains 69 carcinogens substances. To name a few of those ingredients, they are Nicotine, Carbon monoxide and Tar.

Using Chinese Astrology to explain why some smokers get cancers easily, especially the respiratory system cancers (Lung, Nose, Throat), we need to look at the basic principles of the Chinese Astrology.

The basic principles of the Chinese Astrology are the Yin, Yang and the Five Elements theories. The Yin, Yang is the relationship of any substance or phenomenon. Yin is negative and Yang is positive. On the other side, there are Male (Yang) versus Female (Yin), Day (Yang) versus night (Yin), Bright (Yang) versus Dark (Yin), Strong (Yang) versus Weak (Yin) and so on.

Five Elements are the characteristic of matters. There are five different groups: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. There are enhance cycle and conquer cycle for the Five Elements. Enhance cycle increases the strength of a particular element. For example Water enhances Wood. Conquer cycle reduces or weakens the strength of a particular element. For example Fire conquers Metal

Chinese Astrology and Smoking explained.

In Chinese astrology, Metal element represents the respiratory systems of our body, the Lungs, throats and noses.

For cigarette which is made of tobacco leaf. It is the wood element. When smoking, a cigarette is lit and burnt. Wood enhances fire and fire conquers metal. (Metal melts under high temperature) Fire burns the respiratory systems (metal).

In Chinese Astrology theory, each person was born with one of the Five Elements. Any of this Five Element can be strong or weak. For example a person born with Metal Element, this Metal element can be Strong or weak. If a person was born with weak Metal Element, then fire can conquer this weak metal person. This person if smoke he or she will be easily getting cancers or respiratory systems problems. On other hand, if a person was born with Strong Metal Element, or Strong Wood Element then smoking will not be too much of harm to his/her respiratory system.

So a person with weak metal element, smoking will kill him. When I am writing this article I remember sometimes ago there was some news about a Tasmania Premier: James Becon (15th May 1950 to June 2004). He was only 54 years when he died of lung cancer. I looked up his birthday data. He was born on the 15th May 1950. 15th of May was a metal day in Snake (fire) month. He was a weak metal. He was a smoker for over thirty years. More interestingly he was died in June (Fire Month) and fire day. Spooky!! I reckon if he would have quitted smoking, he would be still alive today!

All in all, there are a few things we can learn from this case. Firstly, people born with weak metal element, smoking is dangerous for them. Secondly the Chinese calendar system, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches can also be applied to people born in south hemisphere. And thirdly, people with weak metal better quit smoking.

This is the theory behind Chinese Astrology and smoking.

Lastly a question for you to think about: why some people get soar throat after having a BBQ?

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