Chairman Mao zédōng Banned Feng Shui in China?

During the mid-60s to mid-70s in the last century, in China the Culture Revolution destroyed a lot of traditional Chinese cultures. One of the slogans those Red Guards shouted for Culture Revolution was “Destroy Four Oldies, set up four newbies.” That means destroy old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits, then set new ideas, new culture, new customs and new habits.

A lot of old books, history books, Feng Shui books, Feng Shui classical texts, Chinese Astrology books, old paintings were burnt. A lot of temples, worship places, Buddha status were demolished. A lot of graves were dug out including the Confucius’ grave. Feng Shui activities were banned. Even the business sign of “Quanjude”, from a famous 70 odd years old Beijing Duck restaurant were broken into pieces. The Red Guards replaced a sign just written “Beijing Duck Shop”.

To give you an idea how much of these oldies were destroyed. In 1958, the heritage department had first recorded in Beijing alone there were 6843 cultural or historical relic places. However there were 4922 places were destroyed during August, September in 1966.

Chairman Mao Banned Feng Shui
Chairman Mao grand Father's Tomb - Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui in 1960S
Chairman Mao grand Father’s Tomb

In my opinion, one of the main oldies Chairman Mao wanted to destroy was Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui, however, Chairman Mao himself was very much benefited from his grandfather’s Feng Shui “Dragon Den”.

In a book written by one of his Guards, “Zhang Yaoci memories of Mao Zedong” mentioned Chairman Mao said that his ancestors’ Feng Shui Dragon Den was in “Tiger Resting Hill”, to looking for such good Feng Shui Dragon den, a Feng Shui Master was hired for 11 days. (According to one Feng Shui Master I know from Hong Kong. This is true. The Feng Shui Master Chairman Mao’s farther hired was Bu Guo Wu. This is another article for other time. )

With Chairman Mao’s own experience, he deeply understood that traditional Chinese Feng Shui is able to make someone become wealthy, powerful or even become an emperor. Chairman Mao was worried about if someone applied Feng Shui and produced a potential emperor to take his throne.

IMHO, this was why Chairman Mao banned Feng Shui.

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