Heaven Luck - Yang Wood Dragon 2024

When comes to yearly predictions, most Feng Shui Masters use Start-of-Spring time to construct a Bazi or Four Pillars Chart of the year to prediction the coming year’s events. Some Feng Shui Masters’ prediction use Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ), ZiweiDouShu, or I-Ching divination….

Different Feng Shui Masters use different methods. 

I was taught to use the JiaZi (甲子) cycle or sexagenary cycle, also known as the Stems-and-Branches system. It is a cycle of sixty years or terms used for telling time in the old days.

Yearly predictions, there are three layers to look into. They are the:

1. Heaven Luck, 

2. Earth Luck (or Feng Shui) and 

3. Man luck (Animal Sign Luck) 

To do so, the elements of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch of the year are used. 

Yearly predictions can be useful information for someone to make informed decisions. However, Honestly speaking, there is no 100% accuracy. 

2024, in JiaZi cycle, it is the Yang Wood Dragon year.  

The year of the Yang Wood Dragon starts on the 4th February 2024. In general, the Heaven energy surfaces from the winter solstice, on the 22nd of December 2023. or Summer solstice in the South hemisphere.


Heaven Luck predicts major world events, eyes catching issues, weather and natural disasters, Act of God. So people can well prepare for it. For example: people can increase their insurance premium in the areas where may affect them. Strengthen their roof tops…

In Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, they all start from the Elements of the Heavenly Stem and the Earthly Branches.

The Heavenly Stem (HS) for 2024 is Jia (甲) and Jia is Yang Wood element. 

YANG WOOD JIA (甲) represents big tall tree, the head, first, armour, leaders, stubbornness. Wood element is the liver and the arms and legs.

It combines with Ji (己). Ji is Yin Earth, and it is trust.

The Earthly Branch is Dragon (辰) Chen. It is an Earth element. Earth is the dominant element. There are hidden elements in the Dragon, they are the Wood and Water elements. Wood element enhances by the Water element and wood element from inside the Dragon. 

Wood is very strong in 2024, particularly in February and March 2024

The Chen (辰) is also known as:

1. Water Storage. 

2. Chen (辰) is one of the four Earth animals, represents believes, rules, systems, regulations and religious. In human body, it is the stomach, spleen, pancreas and digestive system.

3. The Chen(辰) is represented by the animal sign Dragon. That is why it is called the Year of the Dragon. 

To be exact, the Stem and Branch in 2024 add up together making the year as YANG Wood Earth Dragon year.

In classical feng shui, the way of arranging the Heavenly Stem (HS) & Earthly Branch (EB), is placing the HS on top of the EB. 

Jia (甲) is Yang Wood element on top.
Chen (辰) is Yang Earth element underneath.

The Melodic element for 2024, 2025 is FIRE. (甲辰乙巳佛燈火). FIRE element is entertainment industries, cooking, electricity, energy, gas, dynamite, explosive….. 

In Feng Shui annual flying star, the Number #3 star comes to the Centre. The #3 star at the Central palace shows the most eye catching issue. Wood control Earth element, in the centre palace, It relates to earthquake, gossips, arguments, lawsuit…. stomach, spleen, pancreas and digestive system. The annual flying star is very much reconfirming the Earth element issues.

The number of Dragon producing water is only 1. It will be a dry and even drought year in 2024. 

With the above data we can see these issues in the year of the Yang Wood Dragon 2024 with this photo.  Tree grows into a cave.

  1. In the year of the Yang Wood Dragon year, the top level (Wood) and bottom level (Earth) are in controlling or conquering cycle. There are conflicts between the top and bottom level. It looks like that the top level will take advantage of the bottom level. Upper level power suppresses down.
  1. There will be more rules, regulations and systems to suppress the grassroots.
  1. In the Yang Wood Dragon year 2024, it is the Yang Wood element controls the Earth element. Earth element will be damaged. Earth Element is trust, believes, properties, religious….it brings in a lots of impacts. People lose faith.
  1. In the Yang Wood Dragon year 2024, it is the Yang Wood element controls the Earth element. Earth element damaged. It can be disasters related to Earth element, house price, earthquake, landslide, collapse of buildings, mine incidents, volcano eruption. Yang is Strong and Yin is weak. 2024 is a Yang year.
  1. 60 years ago, 1964, Yang Wood Dragon year, In March (Wood element month) a great magnitude 9.2 earthquake struck the southern part of the state in USA. This was the largest earthquake in United States’ history known as the Great Alaska Earthquake. Wood controls Earth element. Earth element is hurt.
  1. Wood element is kindness. Earth element is trust. Upper level needs to show their kindness to people and at the same time build up their trust from the people.
  1. Chen (辰) Dragon is a mythical animal, it can fly up to the heaven and dive deep into the sea. This mean the dragon year is very versatile and ever-changing.  October is the Xu (狗) Dog, month. It will be a clash, people lose faith. So be very careful. 
  1. Dragon is the storage,  it is best to store the wealth in a safe place, particularly during Oct 2024. 
  1. Dragon is the storage, water storage to be precise. Strong Yang Wood can break the Earth element. It is a sign of dam collapsing and reservoir bursts. 
  1. It can also be very wet and fire year. The water storage and fire storage are opened up. 
  1. Dragon is one of the earth element animal, it is about religious. 2024 there will be religious conflicts. Or issues cause by religious.
  1. Chen (辰) Dragon is the stomach, digestive system in Chinese astrology, Stomach issues, it is related food poisoning. 
  1. Yang Wood Jia 甲, It also represents the nerve systems (The head, particularly), It brings stress to people. Pay attention to your diets and daily routines. Start your mediation today.
  2. In this line of thinking, the head the world, the leaders, with the support of the Jia, Can be very domineering. They need to be flexible.
  1. Chen (辰) Dragon and Xu (狗) Dog are in clash relationship. Rooster and Dog sectors are the Europe area. Europe will experience unease and unstable. If you have business there, make sure you plan ahead. 
  2. In the year of the Yang Wood Dragon,  the annual flying star #3 which is wood element flies to the centre palace. Centre is Earth element. Wood conquers Earth. It is another sign of Earth / stomach problem.
  1. The number #3 Wood control Earth element, in the centre palace, It relates to gossips, arguments, lawsuit…. stomach, spleen, pancreas and digestive system. The annual flying star is very much reconfirming the Earth element issues. It is aligned with the Stem and Branch elements in 2024.


JIA(甲) Yang Wood element congers the Dragon, What I conquer is wealth. The first half of the year, February to August the share market will be gradually going into the positive direction, but getting lower or downward direction from second half of the year, As there will be a clash in October. 

Fire Element represents flourishing. The Fire elements years are coming up in 2025,2026,2027. 

Be careful, If you are in Share market speculating, please pay extra attention to these four months, particularly high risk trading individual.

Be very careful in April, July, October 2024 and January in 2025. Due to the Solar and Lunar calculation difference, be informed that.

April means from 4th April – 5th May 2024

July means from 6th July – 7th August 2024

October means from 8th Oct. – 7th November, 2024. 

January 2025 means from 5th January – 4th February 2025

THE MELODIC ELEMENT 2024 & 2025 IS FIRE甲辰乙巳佛燈火(Buddha Lamp Fire)

The Melodic element is “Buddha Lamp Fire” (佛燈火) for 2024, 2025. The Melodic element stays the same for every two years. 

From melodic element point of view, “Buddha Lamp Fire” relates to energy such as gas, electricity, crude oil, renewable energy, energy storage, battery. 

Wood produces Fire. Fire is the output of Wood, 2024,2025. So in the next two years, there will some major inventions or improvements relate to energy sector or X-ray instruments for medical field.  


The annual Feng Shui flying star number 3 flies to the centre palace.

The flying star #3 is Wood element. It represents wood controlling Earth (centre palace) earthquake, gossips, arguments, lawsuit…. stomach, spleen, pancreas and digestive system issues can show up in the year of the Yang Wood Dragon.

How to reduce or mitigate the annual flying stars impact in one’s house, please read my other article 2024 Year of the Yang Wood Dragon – The Earth Luck.


The number of Dragon producing water is 1. It will be very uneven rainfall distribution. It will be dry in some areas, even drought. Then in some areas, there will be a lot water, even flooding.


In short, in the Yang Wood Dragon year, the yearly elements (Wood & Earth element), the melodic element (Fire), the annual flying stars Qi, Wood at the centre (Earth). They are producing very much the same outcomes.

Heaven Luck cycle is out of our control. We cannot control it. What we can do is to prepare ourselves, set up and activate the good yearly feng shui qi for the house we live in and office we work in. 

There are another two articles, the Earth Luck and Man Luck predictions, to address the Feng Shui Qi of a location and personal fortune, 12 animal signs’ luck. I suggest you read them as well.

Happy Chinese new year and have a great year of the Yang Wood Dragon 2024.

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