2008, August is the 8th Month, and the 8th Day, at 8:08pm. The Olympic Game officially opens.

The date has so many 8s in it. In term of Feng Shui, the 8 is a good number since we are now at Feng Shui period number 8 which started from 2004 to 2023. In Feng Shui, it has a cycle of 9 periods and each Feng Shui period is 20 years in length. So the number 8 is a good number because it is in season. Number 8 means wealth.

In Chinese’s believe, or norm, the number 8 in Cantonese pronounces “Ba”, and in Mandarin’s pronunciation 8 is “Ba”. It has a similar sound of “Fa” which in Chinese means “Rich or abundant.” In our culture if we say someone “Fa Joh” in Cantonese. It means the person has suddenly make a lot of Money and become rich.

Not only that, the date is also the 8th day in lunar calendar.

From traditional Chinese date choosing point of view, we need to look at the Heavenly stems and Earthly braches in the date. We need to convert the date into Heavenly Stems and Earthly branches. For any given time or moment, it consists of the year, the month, the date and the hour. (Well it can be minute or second. But Chinese Astrology works on 2 hours slot.) And each year, each month, each day and each hour is represented by 1 Heavenly Stem and 1 Earthly Branch, it is called a pillar. So there are Year Pillar, Month Pillar, Day Pillar and Hour Pillar. All they make up so called 4 Pillars. And these 4 pillars can be applied to different areas. For example, we look at someone’s 4 pillars constructed by their birthday, then we call tell that person’s up and down. In their life, what area they should get in to achieve their full potentials.

Picking a good day to launch or perform an event is very import. By using the bad day it will lead to bad or negative result. By using a good day it will lead to positive result.

Ok, let look at the Olympic opening date today. The 8th August, 2008, at 8 pm.

I believed that the date is specially picked by a Chinese Astrology. And out there, most Chinese Astrologers say this is a very good day. However, from my point of view, there is a little bit imperfect. (May be they need to consider the broadcasting time for other part of the world)

So, after the construction of the opening date, we have this chart.

2008 Olympic Opening date Chart

The Chart shows it has a very strong Metal element composition. In Astrology Metal means: competitive, fairness, justice and loyalty.

The Year, Month and Day Branches, have chemical reaction to form a Harmony group which produces Water Element. The Water Element here represents the spectators. This Olympic game I believe will have the most spectators or audiences around the world this time. In China alone, we have over 1.25 billion populations.

The Harmony group is Water Element. The Beijing City is Sitting North Facing South, North is Water Element and it is also called the North coming Mountain Dragon. The Harmony group, the Water element also can help to strength the North Coming Mountain Dragon, Mountain Dragon means people. The Harmony group of water is to further attract more audiences!

It is the Day’s Earthly Branch and Time’s Earthly Branch clashing with each other. As a result, there will be a bit of trouble toward the last few days of the Games. As mentioned before, there is a Harmony group from by the year, month and day. It reduces the power of the clashing. So it will reduce the level of the trouble. The Dog represents the direction is North West. So the trouble will most properly come from this direction.

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